How to Layer your Skincare


Layering our skincare products correctly ensures we receive the full spectrum of their potent benefits. And while getting this right can entail some trial and error, there are some general rules to help guide us. The first — move from thin to thick — start with light, quick absorbing products before moving onto slightly heavier ones and save your SPFs and occlusive balms for last. Another factor is identifying exactly what your skin needs first, so active ingredients can be fully utilized. Read on to see our definitive guide to skincare product layering, and take your routine to the next level.


Both oil-based and water-based cleansers work to remove dirt, makeup, sunscreen and debris without stripping the skin. Some people find they only need to cleanse at night, others prefer cleansing both morning and night.


Best Selling Cleansers:

Marie Veronique Pure E.O. Free Cleanser

Monastery Rose Cleansing Oil

Marie Veronique Gentle Gel Cleanser 





STEP 2: MASKS (1-2x per week)

Masks provide a strong topical concentration of nutrients that can impact our skin in a short amount of time. They quickly improve our skin’s current condition and are great to use when we are in need of a reset.


Best Selling Masks:

Lesse Bioactive Face Mask

Marie Veronique Probiotic Exfoliation Mask

Activist Manuka Honey Mask





These watery substances easily absorb into skin to plump skin cells and add hydration and micronutrients. They also work to prep the skin so that oils, balms and serums work more effectively.


Best Selling Toners:


Marie Veronique Balancing Hypotonic

Lesse Regeneration Mist 





Serums supply potent active ingredients that address our specific skin issues. Kristina Holy from Marie Veronique advises we layer our serums in immediate succession for best results, thinnest to thickest, and never more than 3 serums at a time (during our morning or night time routines). For Marie Veronique's specific line of serums, she recommends applying Intensive Repair Serum first, before any retinol serums, and notes that Barrier Restore Serum should always be applied last.

Make sure the 2-3 serums you choose are symptom-specific for the issues you are trying to address whether it be acne, aging or rosacea. Use active ingredient treatment serums like retinol and vitamin C at night when your skin is in repair mode.



Acne: Intensive Repair SerumTreatment Serum, Clear Skin Advanced Face Serum

Hyperpigmentation: Active Botanical Serum and Vitamin C Serum

Dry Skin: Barrier Restore Serum,  Soothing B3 Serum, Flora Botanical Cream Serum

Rosacea: Soothing B3 SerumBarrier Restore Serum




Eye creams are rich with hydrating ingredients that reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Best Selling Eye Creams:

In Fiore Vis Clair Firming Eye Complex

Vital Nutrients Face + Eye Balm

Living Libations All Seeing Opulent Eye Cream





Facial oils are typically a blend of different types of oils that work to replicate the natural lipid layer of the skin and protect and improve our skin's natural barrier functioning. 


Best Selling Face Oils:

Marie Veronique Barrier Lipid Complex

Monastery Gold Botanical Oil

Living Libations Best Skin Ever





In the evenings, a lotion, cream or balm, should be your final step in your routine — as applying anything on top wouldn't penetrate the skin. These products are formed from the emulsion of an oil, water and a wax or paste. Their intention is to form an occlusive seal on our skin to prevent transepidermal water loss (water that passively evaporates) and increase overall hydration.

Even though the Multi-Retinol Night Emulsion contains active ingredients, as a cream, this product should be used as the final step in your nighttime routine. Smooth a dime-size amount to the face, neck, and chest and massage in until absorbed. The Multi Retinol Night Emulsion also performs well as an under-eye treatment. Note, if you have oily, combination, or stable skin, it may act as your only moisturizer due to its creamy and rich texture.


Best Selling Creams + Balms:

Monastery Floral Attar

Multi-Retinol Night Emulsion

In Fiore Creme De Fleur





During the day, sunscreen protects our skin from sun damage. Always apply sunscreen as the last step in your morning skincare routine.


Best Selling Sunscreens:


Zoca Lotion

Lesse Every Tone SPF 30

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