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Naturals are the new wave.

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She Comes In Colors!

Our bestselling and beloved Coconut Butter just got better. And a whole lot brighter. Matcha, Blue Majik and Eleven Berry infuse our three new flavored Coconut Butters. Try it on toast. Try it in milks. Eat it off the spoon. Try all three flavors and save $10 at checkout. That’s our kind of threesome.

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High vibrational ingredients and alchemy bring luminosity, light and your best skin ever. Reach for the power of naturals. Transform.

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Our New York City treatment rooms offer up the most high vibrational treatments in the world. Step Inside.

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High Vibrational Beauty: Recipes And Rituals For Radical Self Care

High Vibrational Beauty: Recipes and Rituals for Radical Self Care is the culmination of our first three years of diving deep into the world of natural beauty. We’ve learned a thing or two about the practices that deliver us to our highest states and we are thrilled to share what we’ve discovered. We couldn’t be more proud of the recipes, the rites and the images inside. Join us on this journey and embrace the shift.


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