CAP BEAUTY has long been a powerful resource for natural and effective skincare. This year, we’ve turned our knowledge into action with the long-awaited release of our very first skincare product—meet the serotoner.  The serotoner is everything we’ve longed for in a toner: nourishing, calming and fortifying. Relying on the profound intelligence of the plant world and highly adaptive desert botanicals, this gentle mist contains a precursor to the joy-promoting hormone, serotonin, making it one of the first products to foray into the neurocosmetics space. Applied topically, it encourages calmer and happier skin while reducing the appearance of redness and protecting and hydrating our outermost layer. We believe deeply in the serotoner's potent and transformational power. When our skin is good, we feel better. And when we feel good, our skin feels better. CALM YOUR SKIN AND YOUR MIND.

Key Benefits: