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CAP - Coconut Butter - CAP Grocery
The Coconut Butter
CAP Beauty
Stone ground, raw, organic coconut for smoothies, tea and tonics.
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CAP - Matcha Tin - CAP Grocery
The Matcha
CAP Beauty
Organic, ceremonial grade matcha to uplift and energize.
Regular price $38
Rainbo - 11:11 - CAP Grocery
The power of fungi in a bottle.
Regular price $49
Wooden Spoon Herbs - Herbal Coffee - CAP Grocery
Herbal Coffee
Wooden Spoon Herbs
Support your microbiome with this coffee taste-alike.
Regular price $24
Activist - Manuka 850 - CAP Beauty - Front View
Activist Manuka 850+
Raw, unprocessed Mānuka Honey.
Regular price $85
Canyon Coffee - Alentejo - CAP Grocery
Canyon Coffee
The FIRST EVER Regenerative ROC certified coffee.
Regular price $17
Activist - Manuka Immune Elixir - CAP Beauty
Manuka Immune Elixir
Uplevel your immune system with this blend of manuka honey and adaptogenic herbs.
Regular price $40
CAP - Kamakichi - Matcha Whisk - Red - CAP Grocery
The Matcha Whisk
CAP Beauty
Ceremonial tea whisk.
Regular price $76
Moon Juice - Ashwagandha - CAP Grocery
Moon Juice
A potent Ayurvedic adaptogenic herb that helps build immune system.
Regular price $40
Rainbo - Lion's Mane - CAP Grocery
Lion's Mane
Feed your mind, and mood, with Lion's Mane Mushroom.
Regular price $40
Rainbo - Cordyceps - CAP Grocery
Medicinal mushroom to boost energy and athletic endurance, reduce stress and improve libido.
Regular price $40
Moon Juice - Reishi - CAP Grocery
Moon Juice
This powerful adaptogenic mushroom enhances mood and elevates your immune system.
Regular price $48
Rainbo - Reishi - CAP Grocery
Reduce stress and support your immune system with the Queen Healer, Reishi.
Regular price $40
Rainbo - Chaga - CAP Grocery
Medicinal mushroom to support energy and well-being.
Regular price $45
Alexis Smart Flower Remedies - Beauty Formula No.7 - CAP Grocery
Beauty Formula No. 7
Alexis Smart Flower Remedies
Oral drops for confidence and charm.
Regular price $45
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CAP - Wooden Spoon Herbs - Light Ray - Tincture - CAP Collaborations
Light Ray
CAP Beauty + Wooden Spoon Herbs
Reveal radiance and luminosity from the inside out.
Regular price $35
Rainbo - Turkey Tail - CAP Grocery
Turkey Tail
For Immune and gut support.
Regular price $40