Is everything you sell natural? Yes, 100%. We are committed to stocking only products made from truly natural ingredients with no synthetics at all. We believe these are the most effective beauty products in the world. We are constantly amazed by the powers of these plant-based products.

Is everything you sell Organic? We love Organics, but this is a tricky term in the beauty industry. Products may call themselves Organic without being made with 100% Organic ingredients. And some beauty ingredients are not even Certifiable by Organic standards making it impossible for even the cleanest brands to be 100% Organic. We screen our products to find the cleanest and very best. Our real focus at CAP Beauty is on Natural and to us this means that a product must be 100% free of synthetic ingredients. Natural the way nature intended. If it's Organic to boot, that's all the better.

I’m so overwhelmed by all the incredible natural beauty choices. Can you help? Yes! That is what we’re here for. E-mail us your questions at heybeautiful@capbeauty.com or join our subscriber list below to stay up to date on the opening of our first brick and mortar store in Manhattan’s West Village.

When are you opening in LA? As soon as possible! Ditto London, ditto Tokyo, ditto our favorite beach town.

Who took the beautiful pictures on your site? That would be the talented John von Pamer. He’s the ace in our pocket. See more of his gorgeous work at johnvonpamer.com

Who designed your super-chic site? Our supremely brilliant web team, the inimitable design firm Arch&Loop. Don’t you love it? We do. 

I have a line of natural products. How can I sell them at CAP? We love learning about new brands, and we're happy to give your products a try. First, you should make sure that nothing in your ingredient deck is synthetic. When testing new products we first and foremost consider the quality of your product and the ingredients. We also consider packaging, market saturation, brand presence, price points and your overall fit within CAP. We believe in testing a product thoroughly before we stock it in our store, so we ask that you send 2 retail-size samples of each item in your line to us at CAP Beauty, Attn: Product Submission, 238 W. 10th Street, New York, NY 10014. Due to the high number of inquiries we receive from new brands, we may take 6-8 weeks to respond. 

I’m crazy for naturals and need a new job. Are you hiring? Send us your resume at heybeautiful@capbeauty.com Please use the subject line: Employment Query.

Do you sell gift cards? Why yes, we do! You can purchase gift cards via our website or via GiftBar