Naturals are the new wave.

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Is everything you sell natural? Yes, 100%. We are committed to stocking only products made from truly natural ingredients with no synthetics at all. We believe these are the most effective beauty products in the world. We are constantly amazed by the powers of these plant based products.

Is everything you sell organic? We love organics, but this is a tricky term in the beauty industry. Products may call themselves organic without being made with 100% organic ingredients. And some beauty ingredients are not even certifiable by organic standards making it impossible for even the cleanest brands to be 100% organic. We screen our products to find the cleanest and very best. Our real focus at CAP Beauty is on natural and to us this means that a product must be 100% free of synthetic ingredients. Natural, the way nature intended. If it's organic, that's all the better.

I’m so overwhelmed by all the incredible natural beauty choices. Can you help? Yes! That is what we’re here for. E-mail us your questions at or join our subscriber list to stay up to date on all that's happening in the world of naturals.

Where are you opening next? The list is long but we've got our eyes on Tokyo, London, Portland, Dallas and all of our favorite beach towns. (We're coming for you, Hanalei!) 

Who took the beautiful pictures on your site? That would be the talented John von Pamer. He’s the ace in our pocket. See more of his gorgeous work at

Who designed your super chic site? We worked with the lovely We Make Websites based in London. And our brilliant and talented in house designer, Brittany Cutrone, took the lead. Don’t you love it? We do. 

I have a line of natural products. How can I sell them at CAP? Please see our Submissions + Wholesale section.

I’m crazy for naturals and need a new job. Are you hiring? Send us your resume at Please use the subject line: Employment Query.

Do you sell gift cards? Why yes, we do! You can purchase gift cards via our website or at our New York store to be used for online purchases and at our flagship store + spa in New York. LA store gift cards must be purchased at Fred Segal on Sunset Boulevard or CAP Beauty gift cards cannot be used at our Fred Segal location and Fred Segal gift cards cannot be used at CAP Beauty New York or online. 



How can I book an appointment? You can book an appointment here or over the phone at 212-227-1088. Please do not email to book an appointment.

How do I edit or cancel an appointment? You can edit or cancel an appointment by giving us a call at 212-227-1088 or emailing

How long are your treatments? Treatments range from 60 to 90 minutes, but please allow extra time for getting comfortable and enjoying a tea or tonic. 

What is the CAP Beauty Healing Artists Residency? Our Healing Artists Residency is a program that allows us to bring you some of the most profound and off the beaten track treatments. Each residency features a skilled healer from modalities ranging from fitness to the deeply mystical. To stay updated, join our mailing list. 

Do I have to take off my makeup or prep for my facial? No special preparations are required although its best to come with a clean face. We recommend that you do not do any deep exfoliation in the days leading up to your treatment. 

Who are the practitioners? 
Cara, Crystal, Amity and Jeni are our team of talented estheticians. Each brings their own magic to our CAP Beauty facials which were created by the incomparable Kristina Holey. Karen is our brilliant acupuncturist and Jimena works wonders through her brow shaping prowess. Read about them all here.

Can I go to an event or party after my facial? Yes! Our facials have been called perfect “pre-party” treatments as you generally leave looking brighter, toned and years younger!

How do I know what products to use? Your esthetician will send home a home protocol with detailed product recommendations. If you are in the market for new products, we recommend waiting till after your facial to invest, as your esthetician will be helpful in guiding you. 

How far in advanced should I book? To get your choice time and date, we recommend booking 2-3 weeks in advance. But there are typically appointments available on the daily so call us anytime. 

When does my credit card get charged? For security purposes your card will be charged upon booking.  If you need to cancel or change your appointment please give us 24 hours notice. We will not be able to offer refunds on late cancellations, last minute changes or no shows. To cancel or change an appointment please call 212-227-1088 or email us at

What is your cancellation policy? If you need to cancel, please give us 24 hours notice to avoid paying full cost for the treatment. No shows and late cancellations will not be refunded.

Can I use my MINDBODY account? Starting in January 2018, our spa will no longer be using MINDBODY to book treatments. Click here to book online or give us a call at 212-227-1088. We no longer hold credit card information, so you will be asked for these details upon booking.

Can I use my CAP Beauty Shopify login to book a spa treatment? Yes! We have recently merged our two systems together so treatments and products can be purchased in one transaction.