Intuitive Eating


There's a lot of talk going around about what it means to "eat intuitively". With all the chatter out in the world surrounding how, why and what we should eat, the concept of turning inward to find our answers feels refreshing but comes with its own layers of investigation. Have we had the answers all along? How does one distinguish intuition from craving? Does it matter anyhow?

Having a source for information (and inspiration!) to guide is helpful, but ultimately, you have to find your own way. We've enlisted a few of our friends and experts to explore this intimate and evolving question, “What does intuitive eating mean to you?"

"Intuitive eating is honoring your body and its natural cues regardless of trends or diet plans. The foods we need change as our bodies change and as women, our caloric needs vary as our hormones fluctuate throughout each month. Honoring our cyclical nature means listening to the subtle rhythm of our bodies’ changing needs and responding with whatever feels most nourishing. Trust this natural process and eat what feels best for you and your body at any given time."

- Kristin Dahl, Holistic and Functional Nutritionist and Founder of Dahl House Nutrition


"Intuitive eating means eating your kale for the nutrients and eating the chocolate for your mind and soul. It’s about listening to your body and where it is present. It can mean eating a soul soothing veggie soup for dinner and capping the night off with some good chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth. One could say it’s a new form of balance in the wellness world, which means respecting your body while honouring your cognitions and cravings. Intuitive eating differs for every individual, as it takes into account your own thoughts, energy, and feelings."

- Emma Hyslop, Plant Based Recipe Developer and Founder of The Nakd Kitchen 


"Intuitive eating is something that I continually work on and define for myself, especially living with a chronic illness (Stage IV endometriosis). Weirdly enough, I credit my endo with enabling me to change my relationship with food. I really struggled in the past with feeling a deep sense of shame around my weight and eating habits. But now, I treat food as my medicine. I don't think about food as good or evil anymore or making me skinny or fat, I make food choices based on how I want my body (and endo) to feel. You have no idea how much space I've freed up in my head by ditching the food shame. It's liberating! It's also been a lot of trial and error and might be a continual work in progress... but I feel so freaking proud of how far I've come and the path that it took me to get here, that I wouldn't change a thing. "

- Jessica Murnane, Host of One Part Podcast and Author of One Part Plant Cookbook


"When we connect to the beauty and art of eating, we begin to look at food in a new way. The taste and texture and nuances of every ingredient, fruit, vegetable, spice and grain become alive in our mouths and we start to understand our tastebuds and what makes our bodies and spirits sing. The first step in making food a celebration and not a drug is becoming mindful. Life becomes delicious when we begin to follow our hearts and do the things and the work that feeds our soul. The key is to constantly ask yourself, what am I craving? If you continue to ask yourself, the answer will appear. This is essential to freeing yourself from an unhealthy dependence on food and outside sources. When we change our vibration, we foster joy from within and no longer seek fulfillment outside of ourselves."

- Nicole Berrie, Founder of Bonberi 


This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek advice from your health provider before altering your routine. 

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