Matcha Ice Cream


Matcha lends itself to a variety of preparations, upleveling all it touches with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and brain-boosting polyphenols. And while we love it in just about anything, one of our favorite recipes has to be — matcha ice cream. Marrying health amplifying whole foods, plant-based ingredients like coconut, bananas, dates and of course, matcha, this vibrant green ice cream comes together effortlessly in your freezer, and leaves you feeling your best — energized and alive. Utilizing our high quality, organic, ceremonial grade CAP matcha, which offers up a slightly bitter, grassy flavor and electric green hue, our matcha ice cream is by far the most vivid, healthy and delicious version we’ve tasted. Grab a spoon and reinvent dessert. 


Serves 2-4

By Kerrilynn Pamer



4-6 ripe bananas
3 dates
1 teaspoon matcha
1T coconut butter (optional)


Freeze ripe bananas for 12 hours. Add frozen bananas and all other ingredients to a high speed blender and blend until creamy, this can take a couple minutes. Once creamy you can eat or put back in the freezer to serve later. Enjoy!


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