Love On Your Locks


Sun, sand and surf can lead to ravaged locks. And, whether you swing dry and damaged or limp and oily, a few simple moves can help to restore health and shine. Nourish your hair from the inside out and outside in. With guidance from a few the haircare experts in our corner,  we’ve got you covered. Give your locks some love then let it shine.

Why is going natural important when it comes to hair?

Nadine Artemis, Living LibationsCosmetic store and salon products, including those that tout "natural and organic" on the label, usually contain thirty or more synthetic ingredients. Some of these substances strip natural oils from hair and scalp leaving both seriously dry, while others leave behind a heavy-waxy build up guaranteeing bad hair. The more damaged the hair is, the higher its negative atomic charge, and softening, smoothing, and shining synthetics are drawn to that negative charge. If there is a lot of damage you might see a lot of buildup on the hair. More seriously, many of those synthetic ingredients are detrimental to whole-body health. For a happy hair day every day, undress your tresses from chemical duress and bless them with bioactive botanicals.

Stefani Padilla, La Tierra Sagrada: Our hair naturally wants to grow, but when we put toxins directly on our scalps, we don't consider the fact that they could possibly be clogging the pores in our scalp. They could also be causing build up, and slowing down the hair's ability to grow, which inevitably can lead to hair loss. Another reason it's important to go natural is suffocating the scalp with toxic chemicals can cause more imbalances, like autoimmune reactions, dandruff, dry scalp and sores.

Jana Blankenship, Captain Blankenship: While many people often are very conscientious about the products they use on their skin, they treat their hair with reckless abandon. Overwashing and using harsh chemicals, dyes and heat tools can ravage your scalp and your hair, leading to itchy scalp, dandruff, hair breakage and hair loss. Using natural haircare and washing less frequently means taking a gentler approach to your hair and will leave it healthier and shinier.

Any Summer haircare tips?

Hydration is a current theme here. Lock in moisture with a mask and let the sunshine in, allowing hair to air dry in the summer breeze ad skipping the hair dryers.

Anna Ayers, Rahua: During the summer we tend to spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun, at the beach and in pools which can have a negative effect on our hair color and hair health. Now more than ever, it’s important to be on a regimen that is going to provide your hair with the nourishment it needs. Rahua Classic shampoo is an enriching and luxurious daily shampoo that imparts Omega 9 rich Rahua oil for a lustrous, healthy mane and balanced scalp.

Now’s not the time to skip the daily hair mask! Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask, also rich in Rahua Oil, is excellent for restoring hair’s natural vibrancy. The power of Rahua Oil nourishes and regenerates scalp and hair follicles, restoring natural moisture. An easy way to work the mask into your routine is to simply apply it before you hit the beach are anytime that you are going to wear hair up. Masking all day will help prevent breakage and damage!

Stefani Padilla, La Tierra Sagrada: I recommend any nutrient rich product with protective oils like coconut. I always suggest lathering up the hair with the La Tierra Sagrada Treatment when applying SPF to your body. Coconut has a natural SPF and it a great protectant from the harmful sun, chlorine, and saltwater damage. It’s important to hydrate the scalp as well as the ends of the hair that get zapped of moisture all summer.

Nadine Artemis, Living Libations: It's best for the body and hair to avoid chlorinated pools and swim in pure spring fed lakes and lovely ocean waves. Yet one may neutralize chlorine by spraying on your hair (and skin) a Chlorine Countercheck Spray made of 1/2 teaspoon vitamin C dissolved in 1/2 cup of pure water.

It can be tough adjusting to natural shampoos because they don't have the same "clean feeling". Can you speak to that?

Jana Blankenship, Captain Blankenship: That squeaky "clean" feeling means your hair (and scalp) is being stripped of its natural oils. When we strip our hair and scalp of oils, it actually leads to an overproduction of oils to compensate. It is the exact same situation with our face. Just as our skin has a microbiome, or ecosystem so does our scalp. When we use harsh detergents on our hair, we end up damaging the microbiome of our scalp which can lead to conditions including dandruff. If you have always used conventional shampoo, it can take time to get used to natural shampoos. In the end, your hair and scalp will thank you for the switch and look better for it! 

Nadine Artemis, Living Libations: Sudsy surfactants found in synthetic shampoos cause natural hair oils to be washed down the drain leaving behind dull, dry hair that must be conditioned to look healthy. The best botanical hair care products will retain and balance natural oils while washing away any excess and all daily dirt for perfectly clean summer manes. Yet, not all “natural” shampoos and conditioners are created equally and some may leave the hair less than clean. For the happiest of hair days, look for botanical shampoos with coco proteins and yucca root, which give the shampoo luxurious lather and leave your hair fresh and clean. 

Apple cider vinegar is lovely for locks as a hair rinse and to soothe dry, itchy scalps with dandruff. One may use diluted apple cider vinegar as a rinse to remove build-up from other hair products before transitioning to truly natural hair products. Hair-loving herbs, such as rosemary, nettles, horsetail, and oat straw, can be added to full-strength apple cider vinegar and strained out after one moon cycle for an additional boon to this already amazing fermented tonic.

Stefani Padilla, La Tierra Sagrada: As a hairstylist, I have helped many of my clients transition over to natural haircare. La Tierra Sagrada Shampoo is different from many alternative natural shampoos. The formula was created to lather and cleanse the scalp and hair. Our shampoo offers a soft and light foam, similar to the shampoos most are accustomed to using. We use natural plant derivatives, like Cacamidopropyl from coconuts and decyl glucoside, which is a natural surfactant obtained from plant based fatty alcohols and glucose. As with all natural products, I advise to all of my clients that there is definitely a transition period. Being patient and consistent with use will balance out the process. 

I always say, with natural alternatives, it's not about the instant gratification as much as it's about the lasting effects!

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