Natural Means Natural


When we set the standards for what we would and wouldn’t sell, we decided to keep it simple. And so we drew the line at 100 percent. That means no synthetics. At all. Whatsoever. We’re proud of this standard. It sets us apart. We go deep so you can relax, and discover, knowing that at CAP, natural means natural.

When we launched CAP Beauty, our very first task was to define, for ourselves, what we mean by ‘natural’. We weren’t (and still aren’t!) chemists, just impassioned partners on a mission to bring healthier, more effective products into the hands of as many as possible. And so with purity of mission as our guiding force, we decided to keep things simple. We decided then and there that at CAP, natural would only ever mean one thing: 100%. The life-giving products that grace our shelves contain no synthetics whatsoever. What they DO contain are the magic and power of Mother Earth. Her plants, her minerals, her gifts of the hive. These ingredients heal, they deliver life, they envelop us in radiance and light. Our products are better because they’re natural. 

And while many ask us for a list of the ingredients we don’t carry, frankly, we’d rather talk about the ones we do. Our products are teeming with highly active, nourishing and transformative botanicals, the building blocks of true beauty. We choose to focus on these.

And, we aren’t missing anything. Often, the synthetics used in conventional beauty products are there to lengthen the shelf life, fill or stabilize a product. Today’s natural formulators find creative solutions to these very real issues. Since mold and harmful bacteria grow in water, many product developers simply eliminate the water, creating a product with a naturally longer shelf life. Powdered cleansers are a perfect example of this work-around. It’s also why you’ll notice more oils in the world of natural skincare. And, coincidentally (or we think not), oils relieve congested skin, naturally mimic our skin’s sebum and are loaded with bioavailable nutrients. This is nature as it should be.

And when you let go of the fillers, the extenders, the synthetic preservatives, what’s left are products with astounding levels of actives. One of our heroes, Tata Harper, loves to remind us that traditional beauty products contain between 1 and 3 actives. A typical natural product may have 30 (and it goes up up up from there)! The choice is clear. Clean and clear.

Think of your products as you think of your food. Most of us would agree that a fresh peach is preferable to a canned peach, despite the obvious difference in shelf life. The fresh peach engages all of our senses and connects us to the earth and to the season. It tastes better and delivers higher health. Apply this thinking to your beauty routine, and watch your skin come alive. If a product is lingering in your medicine cabinet and not seeing the light of day, get rid of it. You shouldn’t hold on for years on end (no matter how much it cost). Make space for the products you love, and use them. A long shelf life benefits business, not your skin. When you love your products and use them consistently, shelf life becomes irrelevant.

Clearly, we love food, making comparisons at every turn. So, it’s natural we look to food to support our beauty from the inside out. What started as a tiny selection of products on our web site has grown into a thriving grocery corner that has a life of its own. By the time we opened our doors, we had a full shelving unit devoted to the herbs and superfoods we stock. And, our customers keep wanting more. We’ve been surprised (and yet not) by how popular these foods have become, and it thrills us when our customers make the connection between what they eat and how they look and feel. As we’ve said, it’s impossible to separate beauty and wellness. And, what we eat is a cornerstone of health. Natural beauty is a lifestyle, one that includes every aspect of nourishment, self care, growth and discovery. 

We are the cult of the curious. Education is vital to our mission. The world of natural beauty is advancing at lightning speed with so much information to distill. The products and practices we live by are new to many. And, to those already indoctrinated, there’s always more to learn. We’ve learned a lot since the early days. This can certainly be a complex issue, but we are forever proud of our deep commitment and work every day at maintaining this standard. We dive deep so you can let go. Enjoy the discovery and elevate.

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