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The high priestess of Canyon living, Shiva Rose could write the book on radiant beauty. And as luck would have it, she did. Published just last month, Whole Beauty is Shiva's gorgeous volume on her longtime obsession with naturals, her rituals and tips. Read on for a look into Shiva's journey. Live like Shiva and surround yourself with beauty.

Can you share a little bit about your journey into health and into the world of naturals? What led you here?

When I was 26, after the birth of my first daughter, I was diagnosed with three serious autoimmune issues and told that I could possibly not survive. That was the wake up call that led me down the path of holistic wellness. This was before the internet, so I spent countless hours at the library and meeting with various doctors to remedy my situation. I realized through trial and error, that living closer to the earth, living in tune with the natural world, changing my diet, using a non toxic beauty regime, all these things made me feel better and alleviated my symptoms. I started my holistic life style blog The Local Rose nine years ago to document this journey and to highlight the amazing artisans and visionaries I was meeting. 


How do your roots influence what you do?

My roots on this earth plane started near the mountains of Iran. I was raised there until I was ten by an American artistic mother and a charismatic Iranian entertainer. My mother brought a lot of the American natural lifestyle to Iran with her. I remember vividly her bee hives, her making wine and candles and practicing yoga. When I left a marriage and changed career paths nine years ago, I made a conscious effort to live close to the earth, to go back to those roots I remembered as a child. I now have honey bees, grow my own produce, have chickens and practice Kundalini Yoga.

It seems like connecting to nature is a big part of your life. How do you use nature to recharge?

My connection to nature is a type of religion for me. When I feel overwhelmed or confused from the constant chatter of this world, I take off to the canyons behind my home with my shepherd dog. This immediately centers me and gets me grounded again. I also go up to Ojai or other areas near here to get off the grid and be in the flow of the mother. I recently went to Colorado and felt really serene and filled up by the trees and big sky. I tell people who are frazzled to just walk on the earth barefoot if they cannot get away. This can help them absorb minerals and ions from the earth to calm the nervous system. 


You often ask guests on the Local Rose, “are you a mermaid or a forest fairy?” What are you?

Oh this is amazing, I've never been asked my own question! I love it!

I am both for sure. When on Kauai I'm a mermaid, but I thrive in the forest by the rivers for sure. I suppose the ultimate is to be where the mountains meet the sea. 


How does ritual play into your day? What practices and presences are most central for you?

My day begins and end with rituals. I feel they are integral to the structure of my days and help me accomplish so much with the hectic pace of life. Lately I have been starting my days with sadhana at 4:30 am. I have been practicing a specific Kundalini meditation for this cycle and will probably do it for 40 days. This really changes my life in an extraordinary way. Predawn is the magic hour in most spiritual traditions. 

Then I sit and have Living tea in a mini tea ceremony to get connected, through the leaves, to the natural world. I also love vitality and the energy the tea creates. If I have time before my daughter and animals are up, I massage my face after spraying it with The Radiant Rose Water and using the Rose Face oil. 

Later to unwind from the day, I have a bath ritual using my Venus Milk Bath, sea Siren Scrub, Lighting a candle and playing a mantra.

I also dry brush my skin and then slather on the Nectar or Amber Body oil or my latest the Golden Sol Body Butter. In the Ayurvedic traditions, which my line is inspired by, these rituals enhance our well being. 


You’re a longtime local in the city of angels. What’s most special to you about LA? Where do you go to get inspired?

I was born in the City of Angels. We moved to Iran when I was a year old, but returned when I was ten. I have seen this city transform in so many ways. Los Angeles is a portal I believe, not only geographically, but also metaphysically. It is a gateway of sorts and things seem to be born here and then move to the rest of the world. I think part of the magic here are the mountains, ocean and desert. We also still have so much wildlife and their energy feeds this land. I just had a pack of coyotes in my garden last week and this makes me happy to see. We need the wild around us to remember who we are on a cellular level. Recently though I have been leaving LA for some inspiration. Places like Marfa, Texas, the Colorado Mountains and Taos are tugging at my heart at the moment. I will always be a California child at heart, but it’s good for the soul to explore. 


How do you navigate a spiritual practice while running a business. Can the two support each other? Are they intertwined?

My skin care line came to me in a Kundalini Meditation so I make sure to align my business with my spiritual practices. When I make products I always have mantras playing and my studio has charged crystals nearby. My spiritual practice has given me the stamina and band width to be able to have a business, so yes, they are definitely intertwined. 

Activism and conscious rebellion are a big part of your presence, an integral part of a light filled life. How does the personal become political? Can a personal journey to true health manifest change on a larger scale?

My beliefs in certain things have led to paths in my life. I haven't really separated my politics from my personal life because they are in essence the same thing. When we choose to eat organically to better our bodies and our planet, then our conscious choices become our personal lives.


How does the high vibrational queen of all flowers, rose, inspire your work? What has the meaning of rose been for you?

I was named after my Grandmother Rosemarie, and she was one of the ones who instilled in me a respect and love for roses. She always had beautiful rose bushes in her garden, and taught me about tenor magic. Also growing up in Iran, the rose was a mainstay in the food, art, culture and beauty regimes. As we grow in our feminine strength, we can use the magic of plant allies to help us align with the energy we crave. Rose teaches me to be in my regality, quiet strength and open heartedness. 


What are your top five picks from CAP?

I have this brush but need a new one. It is my favorite, I really feel the copper charge.

Rosemary Swift is my hero, I love her whole line.

I use Sun Potion Anandamide in my morning smoothie daily.

I use a facial roller to make sure my face oil gets into the layers of skin.

Nadine Artemis is one of my favorite people on earth and so I want to try Living Libations Radiant Love Butter for sure.

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