The Spring Skin Program


Put your best face forward, and shine bright like a diamond. Incorporating a deep and thorough cleansing ritual into your bedtime routine will encourage your most beautiful skin ever. We switch over to this routine from High Vibrational Beauty after the seasonal shift to Spring.

Perform: Once or twice daily

What You'll Need: Cleanser, toner and oil or moisturizer

Duration: 5 to 10 minutes

While we sleep, our skin detoxes, moving toward perfect balance, so everything we can do to support our skin before bed is beneficial. A thorough cleanse, a deep massage and a sealing of moisture leaves you glowing and radiant. Evenings are the focus of our skincare regimens. By committing to a more thorough cleansing routine at night, you allow your body’s natural rhythms to support your most radiant and nourished skin. A deep cleanse and massage encourages overnight cellular regeneration and healing, making a simpler, more streamlined routine in the morning. Many mornings, you can even skip the cleanse and just do a quick wake up with cold water, a spritz of hydrosol and a moisturizer or serum. We encourage you to cleanse the moment you get home. As busy women, we know all too well that the evening can be taken up with other obligations, and sleep can set in all too fast. By taking care of your skin early on, your most active products have a longer time to work, and you have more time to relax. Another one of our favorite self care activities. And, best of all, washing your face won’t fall by the wayside. Sweet dreams, natural beauties.

After the long chill of winter many of us are left dry and sensitive. Spring’s rainy climate is a welcome shift. your routine these months incorporates revitalizing nutrient-dense products that hydrate with a lighter hand. Those with less sensitive skin will also look to exfoliate, to remove the layers of winter. Through the foods we eat and the products we choose, we also start to prepare our skin for more time spent outside, laying the groundwork for healthy time in the sun.



Start with a small amount of cleanser in your hand, and apply it to the skin on your face. Work into your neck and face for 2 to 4 minutes, using small and gentle circular motions moving upward from the neck to the forehead, spending extra time on the center of your face. Do your best to not rush through the massage. Take care, but massage your face like you mean it. Facial massage increases blood flow, oxygenates muscle tissues and assists in the flow of the lymphatic system, revealing a healthy and youthful glow. Then, add some water to your fingertips and work it into your skin, removing your cleanser. Continue this part for 2 to 3 minutes, incorporating enough water to remove all of the cleanser. Do not use hot water. Warmish is best. Make sure that all the cleanser is removed, and softly blot your face with a soft, clean towel.

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