Summer Days with Katie Merchant

While we love all seasons, summer holds a truly special place in our hearts. And to inspire us to make the most of what remains, we asked Katie Merchant, a Toronto-based photographer and creative director, to bring us into her world and share the feelings, flavors, films and activities that CAPture the essence of summer. Let Katie’s sensorial love song to summer guide you towards making the most of the next few months. Welcome in more joy, deliciousness, rest and play. Savor the season.



"Leaning into wearing hats and sunscreen, loving routine, early morning running, going to the movie store, Canal House Recipes, salads, going to bed early, Summer Cooking by Elizabeth David, sailor style, chamomile."- Katie Merchant 



Sunshine, feeling the heat on my skin, freckles, tucking summer fruits into frangipane tarts, farmers’ markets, tomatoes, swimming, evening gelato walks, making meals for friends, stopping at the dairy bar for a banana split after a day at the beach.





Toasted tomato sandwiches, watermelon, peaches, soft serve ice cream, strawberries, currants, zucchini pasta with butter and mint.




Walking and Talking  — Nicole Holofcener
Parenthood  — Ron Howard
High Season  — Clare Peploe
Masquerade  — Bob Swaim
Personal Best  — Robert Towne
Sex, Lies, and Videotape  — Steven Soderbergh
How to Make an American Quilt  — Jocelyn Moorhouse
Last Summer in the Hamptons  — Henry Jaglom
An Unmarried Woman  — Paul Mazursky 



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