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We set out to create our very own CAP Beauty skincare line after almost a decade of studying, researching and experimenting with what actually promotes healthy, vibrant skin. The newest addition to our CAP skincare family and the first step in our nightly routine, blue is a category-defining cream cleanser formulated with botanicals, adaptogens and probiotics to deeply soothe, balance and repair our outermost layer, leaving our skin clean, nourished and silky smooth. Combining the efficacy of an oil cleanser with the ease of a cream cleanser, blue marries the best of science and nature to reveal our calmest, most hydrated complexion. Blue is a testament to the power of plants, formulation, integrity and rigor, be among the first to welcome in its gentle yet transformational power.

Get to know blue

blue, is a gentle yet highly effective cream cleanser that removes dirt and impurities while safeguarding hydration and barrier function. Formulated especially for dry, sensitive and reactive skin types, as it excludes any irritants, essential oils or fragrances, blue draws on potent yet gentle botanicals and adaptogens to soothe and repair, encouraging a clear, calm and moisturized complexion.


We’ve entered a point in history where we don’t need to compromise on the products we use. At CAP, we've set out to only create highly effective skincare products that benefit all involved: those who make them, those who use them and the earth. blue takes advantage of the major advances and strides in skincare science, taking no shortcuts, using only the best, health-promoting ingredients and a natural preservation system to leave our skin, body and planet a better place. blue isn’t just another skincare product, it’s a unique cream cleanser that draws on clean, all-natural ingredients to reveal our most healthy, radiant glow. Use it daily to soothe your skin & your mind.





A long time ago, we believed that the more stripping and exfoliating ingredients a product contained, the better. Now we know that our skin actually craves nourishing, fortifying and moisture-rich ingredients that restore and repair our outermost layer. When we set out to create the cleanser of our dreams, one that fed our skin while it removed dirt, sunscreen and makeup, we landed on a cream cleanser, as its formulation, an emulsification of oil and water, naturally washes away impurities while hydrating our skin. Looking to plants that have been used for centuries to remedy dryness, redness and irritation — chamomile, aloe vera and rose — blue soothes our complexion with the world's most calming botanicals. While we don’t often talk about what our products exclude, this gentle cleanser is essential oil free so that even the most sensitive and reactive skin types can benefit. Soothe your skin with blue.



Key Benefits

  • Encourages more youthful looking skin
  • Reveals a brighter more vital complexion
  • Hydrates and moisturizes deeply to leave skin silky smooth
  • Safeguards our skin microbiome and skin barrier
  • Protects against sun damage
  • Prevents moisture loss
  • Soothes, calms and nourishes away redness, dryness or irritation
  • Fortifies and repairs our outermost layer




Named in reference to its soothing and hydrating properties, blue draws on adaptogens, botanicals and probiotics to revitalize and strengthen our skin. Formulated especially for sensitive skin types, blue is gentle enough for all, fortifying and nourishing our outermost layer with the power of plants. This formulation relies on specific ingredients known to remedy dryness, redness and irritation, as it was our intention to create the most calming cleanser out there. Meet your plant allies.



Rose is a potent ingredient for sensitive and reactive skin because it’s incredibly soothing and nourishing, combating irritation, redness, puffiness and itchiness. This flower also helps to encourage hydration and strengthen our complexion.



When applied topically, this desert plant protects our outermost layer against sun damage. It’s also a great natural moisturizer and soother, deeply hydrating and calming our outermost layer.



This flower has been used traditionally to calm and soothe both skin and mind. Great for those with sensitive skin types, chamomile alleviates redness and irritation and also lends skin a boost of antioxidants.



This adaptogen traditionally used in Chinese medicine diminishes signs of aging, improves brightness and vitality and offers up potent antioxidants.


Marula Oil

Harvested from the nut of a fruit tree native to Africa, marula oil naturally protects against sun damage and prevents moisture loss. It also contains significant levels of antioxidants, fortifying and hydrating our outermost layer.



This adaptogen is Intensely hydrating and nourishing.


Lactobacillus Ferment

Lactobacillus ferment is a well-studied probiotic that encourages protective, beneficial bacteria and has been shown to safeguard our skin barrier.



How to Use

blue's unique formulation means that it can be applied to wet or dry skin. Dispense two to three pumps in your hands and massage onto your face in circular motions to encourage circulation and to let the product do its job to remove impurities and hydrate. Don't forget to cleanse your neck and décolletage too. Rinse thoroughly with cool or warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.


Where to Keep blue 

Place blue on your bathroom counter, next to serotoner, to cue your nighttime routine, letting it be a gentle reminder to take care of your skin and yourself. We lean into the power of our surroundings to remind us to engage in rituals that make us feel and look our best. Keep blue in sight so you never forget to cleanse before bed.



How often should I cleanse?

We recommend simple routines that protect our delicate skin barrier. And since cleansing too much can strip our skin’s natural oils and disrupt its delicate microbiome, we prefer to cleanse in the evenings. Rinse your face with cool to warm water in the morning, and then at night, use a few pumps of blue to remove dirt, makeup and sunscreen. We find this method leaves our skin feeling resilient and hydrated. That being said, if your complexion does best with a quick cleanse in the morning too, blue is gentle enough to ensure your skin stays nourished. Find a routine that makes your skin happy, healthy and hydrated.



Color Theory

blue, both the color and the word, evoke a feeling of vastness and conjure up images of water and sky, offering up a sense of calm, peace, tranquility and serenity. We felt the word best described the qualities of our gentle moisture-rich cleanser and the mood and mindset it encourages: soothing. Welcome in blue physically, mentally and emotionally. Soothe your skin & your mind.



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