Born from a desire to encourage vitality at every level, Fee Steinvorth launched neoNutritions to share the transformational power of whole, radiant health with as many people as possible. Combining the healing systems of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Anthroposophy, neoNutritions marries modern science with ancient wisdom to uplevel: body, mind, and spirit. Their two revolutionary, powder-based formulas, Ultimate Foundation and Ultimate Beauty, draw on the highest frequency foods on the planet, all organic seeds, greens, fruits and roots, to strengthen, balance and detoxify, revitalizing the way we look and feel. Measuring the amount of electromagnetic waves present in their supplements, neoNutritions works with a lab in Switzerland to ensure their products are of the highest frequency possible. Everything is energy.

Can you share a bit about your background and upbringing and how that led you to create neo nutritions?
I am lucky to have been born into four generations of wise women and spiritual teachers, including my mother, an Anthroposophic doctor. I felt I was brought up with roots in the most living, fertile soil, inheriting the wisdom that would inspire me decades later to start my journey into Eastern philosophy and practices, branching into other spheres—biography work and practices and social art, nutritional studies and herbalism. I learned that profound change is possible through education, connectivity and access to the highest quality ingredients to treat the whole human being.


What sparked the idea for neoNutritions? Was it a moment or something that evolved over a longer period of time?

My whole life has prepared me for this moment. Neo was a seed planted within me long ago, but I took this moment to take hold and grow into something beautiful that puts me in service to others who wish to step into their full potential.


Who did you create neoNutritions for? And what excites you about sharing it with the world?  

neoNutritions is for anyone and everyone ready for change. As humans, we are made to change, and that intention is creation. Transformation is the state of changing your form, your metamorphosis. It is the process of letting go of a part of you, leaving it behind to grow into a new form (like a caterpillar to a butterfly in nature). Transformation is the process that is so rewarding and important. Food is the most direct route to transformation, so we start with high-vibrational nutrition. We want to partner with people to transform their lives and reach a state of whole, vibrant health.


What do you hope it does for people, the planet and perhaps even culture at large?

We believe in the unique potential of each individual. No matter who you are, you can rise to the fullest expression as a human being. It already exists as a reality. It is a matter of rising to meet it. Our ultimate wish is for everyone to unfold the gift that is themselves. To start, we had to address the issue that Western medicine and most alternative and “holistic” products only address the physical body in an acute state. It’s a reactive approach. We focus on aligning and lifting our whole selves. We are not about healing. Why? We don’t need to be healed. We are evolving spirit beings. Scientifically, our bones can break. But much more makes a human human as long as we are in a physical body, the everlasting force of regeneration. We are here to change constantly. We are an endless metamorphosis. Our spirit cannot break. There is nothing we need to heal from but regenerate. It is an activation of our life force that leads to transformation, and when individuals begin to transform, that lifeforce radiates out and begins to lift people and the world around us.



What was your inspiration and process for the two formulations you have created—Ultimate Foundation and Ultimate Beauty?

We started with 100% organic, high-vibrational nutritional powders because we must begin with a healthy house to step into our most radiant, whole selves and become what is possible. Think of whole health as a house, and it becomes clear why caring for it is vital. The physical body is the starting point, so nutrition is our priority. But as humans, we are so much more than that—the ingredients in neoNutritions formulas work on the physical and spiritual selves, so there is a true renewal of the whole human being. What makes me so happy is that we have taken the ancient wisdom of whole-health practices such as Ayurveda, Traditional Medicine and Anthroposophy and fused them with modern technology to create nutrition that is easy to access, easy to take, and provides the highest quality, highest vibrational ingredients available. We worked for over four years with experts and scientists to formulate the Ultimate Foundation, which contains 52 of the world’s most nutrient-dense foods. The most vibrant foods. This means that not only is Ultimate Foundation rich in nutrition, but it also captures the most sunlight through its leaves and their surroundings.


Ultimate Beauty was born out of my desire to support ageless beauty that starts on the inside but does not stay hidden. I want everyone to be able to step inside their natural golden glow and live as a unique divine expression with the support of clean ingredients that fortify, regenerate and refresh. I am so proud that we created the highest quality, 100% organic supplement powders that will change the supplement market for the good of humans and the planet.


Why did you create a powder? 

We understand that capsules and tablets are easier to take. Traditionally, in Ayurveda, the powder of the plant, be it of the root, fruit, or leaves, is what the ancient practitioners used in their formulations. They recognized that plants have an innate intelligence and contain everything needed for proper absorption, digestion and assimilation. It allows you to taste the herb. In Ayurveda, it is said that digestion begins in the mouth with taste. It is a scientific fact: The tongue communicates directly with the brain and other body parts and sends essential information based on the taste it receives. So, while some herbs are more palatable than others, tasting them is more beneficial to the digestive process. Powders are also more adaptable to your daily routine and lifestyle, allowing you to add them to your favorite food or drink.

At a high level, what does Ultimate Foundation do for us when taken regularly?

I like to call Ultimate Foundation the liquid lifeforce. We all know that feeling of alignment when we are our true selves and full of energy. This energy is our lifeforce, our qi or prana. This energy that flows through us is powerful. And food is the quickest route to live in this state of flow. This idea has been around for thousands of years. “Annamaya Kosha,” or as we know the phrase today, “we are what we eat.” Foods that activate our lifeforce. Foods with chi. Foods with prana. Food is the fastest way to transformation—accessing that energy that moves our body from an inflammation state to an alkalized state. Ultimate Foundation is made with the highest frequency foods on the planet–including unparalleled seeds, greens, fruits, algae, adaptogens and restorative roots, all of which strengthen, balance, and harmonize your body, mind, and spirit. The benefits are as holistic as the formula, lowering inflammation and detoxifying, improving gut health and digestion, and boosting immunity and energy. Ultimately, it is moving you from a state of inflammation to alkaline. This shift has profound effects on everything: your rest, sex drive and focus. It is a once-a-day practice to bring transformation.


At a high level, what does Ultimate Beauty do for us when taken regularly?

With Ultimate Beauty, I wanted to cultivate a sense of agelessness—a unity with nature, unfolding yourself to new beginnings. It is a daily dietary supplement blend of whole plants, herbs and mushrooms, including sea buckthorn, birch leaf, and manjistha–all super rich in antioxidants and powerful anti-inflammatories. It is intended to give you a feeling of connection and nourishment. Yes, it helps to provide skin, hair and nails a natural glow, but it is more than skin-deep. It is nourishment for the physical but the spiritual as well. Beauty is about every beginning. Everything starts with beauty. When we think about a newborn child, if we think about a flower that starts to open or a seed that begins to ripen as a fruit, we think about a beginning. Everything new has hope. That is what beauty is about. It is acknowledging the potential inside of you. Nourishing your potential. 


What ingredients in these two formulas excite you most? 

Like children, it is hard to choose just one! But there are a few in each that are so full of energy and vibration that it is hard not to mention their incredible gifts. In Ultimate Foundation, I highlight three: Sea Kelp and Shan Yao (Wild Yam). Kelp is an intricate seaweed that dates back 23 million years and holds so much sunlight, giving it power. Rich in iodine, carotenoids, polyphenols, alginic acid, vitamins K1, A, B12, iron and much more, it is a powerful antioxidant that fights inflammation, promotes bone health and can aid in weight loss. 

Shan Yao is revered in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for its versatile health benefits like strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing yin, and alleviating dry conditions. Modern research suggests it may help regulate blood sugar and boost the immune system. In Anthroposophy, the yam symbolizes life's hidden potentials and inner truths, with its underground growth representing deep introspection. Consuming yam reminds us of unseen forces within ourselves and the universe, offering physical and spiritual nourishment from within.
In Ultimate Beauty,  Sea Buckthorn and Dandelion are remarkable in their natural abilities. Sea Buckthorn—a powerful antioxidant plant boasting 70 times the antioxidant strength of vitamin C–improves dry, loose skin and wrinkles, lowering inflammation and helping with blood circulation. Dandelions are rich in beta-carotene, chicoric acid (CRA), vitamins A, C, D, E, B, minerals and fiber, supporting heart health and digestion and reducing inflammation. In Anthroposophy, dandelion greens symbolize the sun-earth interplay and spiritual growth in the material world, with their bitterness representing life's challenges. Consuming them is acknowledging life's dualities, harmonizing with nature's cycles and connecting with resilience in every spiritual journey.

How do you create high-vibrational products and why do you believe it is important for us to consume products with higher, more resonant frequencies?

Everything in the universe has energy in the form of vibration. Ourselves and everything we see, touch, hear and taste. Like any living being, foods have a caloric value and vibrational frequency. By focusing on nutrition with the highest vibration or lightest magnetic energy, we feed our body what it needs to achieve its highest frequency and health. High-vibrational foods are the most natural foods (superfoods). Foods that have the highest amount of the sun’s energy. High-vibrational foods are high in alkaline, the opposite of inflammation.

To create high-vibrational formulas, we start with the plant ingredients that naturally hold the most sunlight energy. The higher the photosynthesis through the power of the sunlight, the higher the frequency and vibrational lifeforce of the food. 

Through specialized scientific equipment, we have measured the amount of these electromagnetic waves/frequencies in our formulas to document physical evidence of the invisible vibrations through imagery. This is a new way of studying the content of supplements. Our lab images make the invisible visible by showing the beautiful order of nature within our product. You can easily distinguish between the beauty and order of high-vibrational products in the images. You can practically see the natural lifeforce—beauty in plant health results from our universal functional order of everything, the intelligent design of organisms.


What has it been like working with a lab in Switzerland to find physical evidence of the high resonant vibrational frequencies of your products? Do you think this sort of vibrational analysis will become more common in the future?

It was thrilling to see this evidence. It is what we had suspected, but it was the product of many years of work. We started neo to change how supplements are formulated, marrying ancient plants with modern technology. We hope this will change the overall market, and that quality and transparency in the supplement market will follow. 

Why the neo triangle of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Anthroposophy? How do you feel they work synergistically to support health?

Our foundational philosophies share intrinsic qualities that are the basis of our approach, most notably the importance of lifeforce, prana, or chi–the energy that enables us to connect, vibrate, regenerate and ultimately lead to transformation.

We harness the ancient wisdom power of all three to create a path for living our most vibrant life today. For Ayurveda–one of the oldest medical healing systems–we take the idea that health is a delicate balance between body, mind and spirit. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) builds on the idea that “qi”—our vital lifeforce flows along meridians or channels in the body to keep our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health in equilibrium.


Anthroposophy–a  holistic educational, therapeutic and creative system established by Rudolf Steiner seeks to optimize physical and mental health. From these practices that acknowledge a whole approach to health (not merely the symptoms), we honor their intention, boldness and energy by continuing the journey. 


Do you encourage people to take neoNutritions with other supplements or on their own? 

Ultimate Foundation is designed to give you everything you need–52 organic ingredients. We intended it to be a one-step ritual, it is a once-a-day transformational powder formula with the highest frequency foods on the planet—including unparalleled seeds, greens, fruits, algae, adaptogens and restorative roots—to strengthen, balance, and harmonize the body, mind and spirit, and to kickstart your journey, anchor your daily rhythm and connect with endless spirit. Ultimate Beauty and our Boosters are meant to be taken in addition to our Foundation and can be used based on your needs on any given day. I always ask myself if adding any additional products is necessary and why. If so, ensure the products are 100% organic and as high quality as ours. I always tell people to be present consumers.


Can you take both formulas simultaneously?

Absolutely. They are meant to complement each other depending on what you need on any given day or season. 


In addition to neoNutritions, what other foods or wellness practices do you do routinely to feel your best?

My own Biography work and art practices are things I routinely do. I also practice breathwork each day to stay balanced. Running is also a practice I cherish. When I get the opportunity, I will jump in the ocean or run barefoot over the grass early in the morning. Anything really that connects me with nature. If I don’t have time for those, I will try to get just pure moments of sunshine each morning. I enjoy sauna therapy, cold plunges, dry brushing and scalp massages.


What is your morning routine?
I wake up at sunrise around 5:30 am. I then start heating some water and prepare a space for a short exercise of presence and transformation. After taking the Ultimate Foundation, I take a cold shower, get dressed and prepare breakfast for my kids. We spend some time talking about their dreams, picking out their clothes, and enjoying some breakfast with fresh-pressed juice. Before leaving the house, I use some of my favorite oils on my face, hands and body and set an intention for the day. 


What are your thoughts around the idea that “food is medicine”?

I would clarify. Food is not medicine; food is an extension of who we are. We are born in a place of wholeness, so any medicine is reacting to something, fixing something. With the right food, we remain nourished, whole, and regenerating, allowing us to live in radiant health. As the Ayurvedic proverb says, “When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” 



I am enjoying Ultimate Foundation this way right now. The CAP Coconut Butter is a lovely addition. There are so many ways to enjoy it. I encourage you to find yours. Whisk hot water into a one-cup bowl filled with one sachet of Ultimate Foundation. In a separate cup, add one teaspoon of CAP Coconut Butter. Froth or whisk some coconut milk and keep to the side. Mix Ultimate Foundation with Coconut Butter using a wooden spoon. Top with frothy coconut milk. Set an intention and enjoy.




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