Behind Closed Doors: Kristina Holey


We consider skincare whisperer, Kristina Holey, royalty, hence the reason why we tasked her with creating our CAP Beauty facial protocol. With a highly intelligent, inquisitive and efficacious approach to the skin, she consistently pushes boundaries and asks questions, all in the name of a healthy and balanced microbiome (read, beautiful skin). Through her treatments and products, she merges skincare and science and delivers us to a place of true high health. Read on for a peek into what she does, and recommends, for your healthiest skin ever.

What is your day to day skincare routine?


1. Modified Balancing Hypotonic. Marie and I are playing around with different variations based on specific bacterial strains.

2. Soothing B3

3. C + E + FERULIC

4. Barrier Lipid Complex + everyday coverage SPF 30


1. Pure + EO Free Cleanser

2. Modified Balancing Hypotonic

3. Intensive Repair Serum 3x/night + Gentle Retinol Serum

4. C-therapy

5. Barrier Lipid Complex


How does your skincare ritual shift for fall and winter and the cooler months ahead?

It doesn't. In California we do not have very dramatic winters and the regimen I use is based on supporting fundamental skin health, meaning it delivers the nutrients required by the skin on a daily basis which is independent of the seasons. If I ever feel more dry than usual I just sleep with the Micro Nutrient + Hydro Mask and do more Yogurt (full fat, plain) masks.


What would you say is the most impactful singular change someone can make to feeling better in their skin? And why?

Avoid nasty preservatives and support your microbiome!


What is the best thing you can do from the inside out for your skin?

Avoid nasty preservatives and support your microbiome! :)

Also sleep and have joy!


What sets MV x KH apart from other skincare?

I mean there are so many great brands out there, and honestly I don't have that much time to even look into most of them, so I do often feel like I have my head underground... But what I do know is that our line is really based on understanding the body + skin system and supporting that. We try to facilitate stability and health from a biomimetic perspective, rather than get in its way. I really see the best results from thinking about deficiencies and compensating for them via products.


Can you explain the skin microbiome to a newbie?

Oh! It's so cool and SO complex. Our microbiome is made up of billions and billions of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, etc) which regulate tons of bodily functions, impacting your gut, brain, mood, organs and tissues (such as skin). These bacteria synthesize certain essential vitamins (B12 for example) and short chain fatty acids as well as support healthy immune function. The more diverse your microbiome, typically the more healthy your body will be and the more resilient you will be certain diseases and auto immune disorders. Essentially meaning you cannot have a healthy body OR healthy skin without a strong functioning microbiome.


What is your go to when your skin is feeling less than stellar?

A hike, a sauna, a the Probiotic Exfoliation Mask or yogurt mask followed by Micronutrient + Hydro Mask and doing a 15 minute or so massage or gua sha. That makes me feel sooo good.


What do you wish more people knew about skincare and clean beauty?

Gosh I just wish people would drop labels and instead think about efficacy and safety. Also stop trying to control the skin and kill bacteria and instead think of it all as as manifestation of our immune function! Support LOTS of healthy microflora on the skin, never sterilize, never strip and eat yummy, fresh and whole foods.


What is your desert island product pick? (If you could only choose one)

Retinol. I'm 35 and grew up in the sunshine so I need all the help I can get at this point :)

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