Behind Closed Doors: Alexis Smart


Alexis Smart, master flower remedy formulator, is a woman rooted in science, magic and myth. A true plant whisperer, she creates formulations that support and reveal our highest selves by relying on the power and mystery of the botanical kingdom. With a focus on modern day concerns (think anxiety, lack of focus, feeling less than), her formulations support you feeling your best and allow you to reveal your true self. These bottles have changed lives, ours included. Read on for a look behind closed doors.

What does your daily skincare routine look like? Does it differ between night and morning?

It’s the same except for the morning. I don’t wash my face and at night I don’t wear sunscreen :)


In this order:

4 Drops Beauty Formula No. 8 under the tongue and a dropperful of The Light Ray

Many splashes of cold water on the face

Evan Healy Rose Geranium hydrosol

In Fiore Complex de Fleure.

Oil mixed with a hydrosol, then Evan Healy Chilean Rosehip seed oil or Linné Balance

Dr. Alkaitis Eye Cream

Elta MD UV Clear Sunscreen


Same as above, but I wash my face with Evan Healy Basic Cream Cleanser and a linen facecloth or Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser


Once a week I do the LESSE Bioactive Face Mask or the Dr. Alkaitis Universal Mask


What other practices do you have that support you feeling your best?

Taking Flower Remedies every day makes me feel the best. I take my own Alexis Smart remedies (which have a combo of 7 essences) or sometimes take one single essence for a few days until that issue has passed.

I also swear by homeopathy. I take a constitutional remedy, prescribed by my homeopath. A constitutional is one remedy that matches your body, mind and emotions and balances you overall. When I’m on the right combination of flower remedies and homeopathy, I need way fewer supplements and can eat a wider variety of foods.

Other things:

I like to sunbathe in the morning for about 20 minutes. I just got an infrared sauna and I do this about four days a week. Fresh juice every day, pilates or yoga and I try to eat clean. I am super sensitive on all levels, so I cook most of my meals and use unprocessed foods. Mostly plants, legumes and a little goat cheese. 


How do you think flower remedies play a part in how we feel about ourselves?

Flower remedies connect you to your true self. When you are your true self, you feel good about yourself because you begin to live according to the higher dictates of the soul. From that place, you actually stop thinking about your self so much, in a positive way. You feel confident in a deeper way, because your value begins to come from fulfilling your purpose in this lifetime, and not from external stuff. It’s very freeing.

That said, if you have any negative feelings about yourself, Flower Remedies could save you from a pattern of self criticism, guilt and lack of self love. That is what they have done for me!


What makes you happy, what do you like to do?

I am both a homebody and lover of travel. But even in my travels,I create a home feeling. I love to stay in one place and get to know it, rather than spending a few days here and few days there. I spend my summers in Greece and that’s my happy place. I go to graduate school for homeopathy on a beautiful island. The lifestyle and pace of that island suits me very well. I study all day, go swimming, write, reflect and cook.

At home, I love going to the farmer’s market and making dinner for people I love, decorating the house, reading, taking ballet class. I love nature and I love to be in water. Baths, hot springs. If I had my druthers I would swim in the ocean every day.


Do you have a favorite flower?

The mighty Rose! I am a fan of the Wild Rose, both aesthetically and because Wild Rose is one of my favorite flower remedies. It removes apathy and encourages a fun, childlike interest in things.


What does Beauty is Wellness mean to you?

It is the truth!! I know this because I have seen it in hundreds of clients (and myself). When clients would return after their first flower remedy prescription, one month later, their eyes sparkled, their skin glowed and they just radiated beauty and joy. I always asked them what changes they made in their skincare, because it was so noticeable…They had done nothing! But feeling good was coming out of every pore. I saw so clearly what I had dismissed before, that how we feel inside shows on the outside.

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