My Universe: Cassi Namoda


Cassi Namoda has lived many lives. With a childhood that began in Mozambique, she’s since landed in East Hampton, New York where she spends her days painting, walking on the beach and dropping deep into her wellness practice. Her work is an exploration of her history, the intrigue of women and the transformative and powerful magic of color. Step inside her kaleidoscopic world and get to know this bright light.


Jeans Vintage Wranglers

T-shirt Balsam Farm long sleeve tie-dye shirt

Socks Mexican wool socks

Heels Maryam Nassir Zadeh

Sneakers New Balance

Boots Blundstone

Sunglasses Miu Miu round frame with semi tinted frame

Watch iPhone

Day bag Gucci

Jewelry Sophie Buhai, Nandi Naya, Santangelo

Workout wear Licio Florio

Designers Hache, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Ter et Bantine, Elder Statesmen, Christophe Lemaire

Lingerie or Underwear Organic Underwear

Where do you shop Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Etsy, De Mao E Mao, and I collect tshirts from different businesses around East Hampton, mainly farm stands.

Where do you want to shop Mameg

Online shopping site Etsy, The RealReal

Swimwear Denizeri swimwear

Style Icon Frida Kahlo right now



What’s your sign Libra

Workout Stretching, bicycle, yoga

Studio/Teacher Mandala Yoga

Do you meditate Yes and no

Morning rituals Lemon water, herbs and collagen in my coffee or matcha, lighting incense, kissing my boyfriend, breathing in morning air in the countryside and then going to some body of water for a walk with my dog.

Evening rituals Jazz, yummy nourishing food, reading, a warm shower and then laying on my acupressure mat.

Shower or bath Bath

Extrovert or introvert Both, but more of an extrovert

Stress management techniques Nature

Who is your get out of jail call? My sister or brother



Tea or tonic drink Both!!!

Wellness idol Mary Ruth's supplements

How do you like to eat? 3 yummy meals a day

Salty or sweet? Salty

What’s always in your fridge? Homemade pickled radishes, avocado

Go-to dinner recipe STEW

Favorite snack Pickle rye toast from Carissa's with sardines and bitter greens and tomatoes with some red onion

Favorite drink Coffee or hibiscus water

Where do you grocery shop? Provisions, Balsam Farm Stand



Toothpaste Neem toothpaste

Soap Bathing Culture

Lip Linda Rodin lip balm

Perfume or Cologne Perfume

Hair stylist Myself

Toner Neem/collodial silver/rosewater

Serum Blue corn herbal serum from Oaxaca

Mask Homemade or Lesse Bioactive Face Mask

Beauty tool Jade roller

Makeup Olio e Osso Lip and Cheek Balm



Where do you live? East Hampton, Long Island currently

Artist Beauford Delaney, Kirchner, Cezanne, David Hammons, Malangatana, Noguchi, Senna Nengudi, Beckmann, Bob Thompson, list goes on!

Piece of art in your home My boyfriend's collection

Museum MET

Pets 7 month old lab

Sheets Linen from some place in LA

Local restaurant Hampton Chutney

Best cup of coffee/tea in your town SNS general store

Pottery My friend Kate Rosenberg

Favorite piece of furniture African head rest

Furniture store or designer Amsterdam Modern

Minimalist or maximalist Kind of both

Hotel Bowery is always fun

Dream dinner party guests My ancestors

Most used kitchen gadget Vitamix

What do you collect Monkey sculptures



Quote Release what no longer serves you

Crush My friends

Beach Tofinho, Mozambiqe and Two mile Hollow Beach, East Hampton

Charity Mozambique Cyclone Relief

Favorite place in the world Sintra, Island of Mozambique, Lamu

Films Orfeu Negro

Favorite albums Solo Monk

Book Right now ...Rudolf Steiner “How to Know Higher Worlds”

Photography or coffee table book Geoffrey Bawa

Favorite cookbook Lusophone recipe book

Who would you want to be for a day An architect

Inner age Unclear at times

Song in your head at the moment Wizkid Joro

Dancing or karaoke Dancing for sure




Apps Way too many

Phone iPhone

Phone case Clear iphone case with paint marks

Website Weather channel

Podcasts Aljazeera

Computer bag Peachy computer bag

Favorite gadget A compass

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