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Jolie - Filtered Showerhead - Silver - CAP Beauty
The Jolie Filtered Showerhead
The water your skin & hair crave.
Regular price $165
In Fiore - Pur Face Oil - CAP Beauty
Pur Face Oil
In Fiore
Balancing face serum for congested and acne prone skin.
Regular price $90
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Vintner's Daughter - Active Botanical Serum - CAP Beauty
Active Botanical Serum
Vintner's Daughter
Moisturize, nourish, smooth and brighten with this nutrient dense powerhouse.
Regular price $195
Wooden Spoon Herbs - Herbal Coffee - CAP Grocery
Herbal Coffee
Wooden Spoon Herbs
Support your microbiome with this coffee taste-alike.
Regular price $24
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CAP - Big Matcha - CAP Grocery
The Big Matcha
CAP Beauty
Organic ceremonial-grade matcha, uplift and relax.
Regular price $145
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CAP - Matcha Tin - CAP Grocery
The Matcha
CAP Beauty
Organic, ceremonial grade matcha to uplift and energize.
Regular price $38
Costa Brazil - Massageador Aço Massage Tool - CAP Beauty - Front View
Massageador Aço Massage Tool
Costa Brazil
A multi-purpose tool for both face and body.
Regular price $198
Wonder Valley - Olive Oil - CAP Grocery
Wonder Valley Olive Oil
Wonder Valley
Herbaceous oil rich in anti-aging polyphenols.
Regular price $38
Biomat - Pro - Healing Mat - CAP
Biomat Pro
Relieve body pain and boost healing all-over.
Regular price $1,950
Activist - Manuka 850 - CAP Beauty - Front View
Activist Manuka 850+
Raw, unprocessed Mānuka Honey.
Regular price $85
Karmameju - Buff Natural Body Brush - Handle - CAP Beauty
Buff Natural Body Brush with Handle
The ultimate starter brush.
Regular price $55
Lanshin - Scalp Stimulator - CAP Beauty
Scalp Stimulator
Awaken your scalp.
Regular price $59
Activist - Manuka 100+ - CAP Beauty - Front View
Activist Manuka 1000+
The bee's knees of honeys.
Regular price $165
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CAP Grocery - Honey Hi - Pancake Mix - CAP Collaborations
The Pancake Mix
CAP Beauty + Honey Hi
Pancakes you can feel good about.
Regular price $22
Anima Mundi - Happiness Powder - CAP Grocery
Happiness Powder
Anima Mundi
Herbal coffee to support a balanced mood and gut.
Regular price $25
Dr. Anna Gold - Elevate - CAP Beauty
Dr. Anna Gold
Elevate is the fountain of aging gracefully.
Regular price $58
Activist - Brass Tube Press - CAP Beauty
Brass Tube Press
A multipurpose tool.
Regular price $42
Activist - Manuka Immune Gummies - CAP Grocery
Manuka Immune Gummies
Immune support with one gummy daily.
Regular price $55
Sandor - Gua Sha Comb - CAP
Gua Sha Comb
Remove tension and stimulate the scalp.
Regular price $59