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RMS Beauty -
RMS Beauty
Hydrating foundation or light concealer to minimize spots and redness.
Regular price $36
Marie-Veronique-Balancing-Hypotonic-CAP Beauty
Balancing HypoTonic
Marie Veronique
Beta-gulcan and d-panthenol rehydrate, rebalance microflora and skin pH.
Regular price $55
Lesse - Bioactive Mask - Face - CAP Beauty
Bioactive Mask
Remove impurities and detox the skin.
Regular price $85
Activist - Manuka 850 - CAP Beauty - Front View
Activist Manuka 850+
Raw, unprocessed Mānuka Honey.
Regular price $85
Healthyline - Gem Stone Heat Therapy Mat - CAP
Gem Stone Heat Therapy Mat
A multi-gemstone mat to support our greatest health and wellbeing.
Regular price $1,049
Healthyline - Rainbow Chakra Mat - CAP
Rainbow Chakra Mat
Bathe in the ambient alchemy of light.
Regular price $1,999
best seller
Monastery - Gold Botanical Oil Serum - CAP Beauty
Gold Botanical Oil Serum
An innovative blend of oils to calm and fortify skin.
In Fiore - Creme De Fleur Complexe Rejuvene - CAP Beauty
Creme De Fleur Complexe Rejuvene
In Fiore
Anti aging face serum, all skin types.
Regular price $150
Costa Brazil - Massageador Aço Massage Tool - CAP Beauty - Front View
Massageador Aço Massage Tool
Costa Brazil
A multi-purpose tool for both face and body.
Regular price $198
Jolie - Filtered Showerhead - Silver - CAP Beauty
The Jolie Filtered Showerhead
The water your skin & hair crave.
Regular price $165
Plant Paper - Toilet Paper - CAP
Plant Paper
Toilet paper, reimagined.
Binu Binu - Roof Tile Curve Incense Holder - CAP
Curve Incense Holder
Binu Binu
A bespoke incense holder inspired by traditional Korean roofing tiles.
Regular price $120
Bathing Culture - Mind Body Wash - CAP Beauty - Front View
Mind and Body Wash
Bathing Culture
Biodegradable, all purpose concentrated soap.
Regular price $20
Wooden Spoon Herbs - Herbal Coffee - CAP Grocery
Herbal Coffee
Wooden Spoon Herbs
Support your microbiome with this coffee taste-alike.
Regular price $24
Sandor - Pump - CAP
Purchase with Sándor's Grounding Shampoo or Conditioner
Regular price $6
Costa Brazil - Salt Bahno Bath Salt - CAP Beauty
Sal De Banho Bath Salt
Costa Brazil
Healing, aromatic bath salts.
Regular price $125
Marie Veronique - Protective Day Oil - CAP Beauty
Protective Day Oil
Marie Veronique
Face oil with UVA protection and carotenoids for healthy-looking skin.
Regular price $95
In Fiore - Comfrey Solution Botanique - Skincare - CAP Beauty
Comfrey Solution Botanique
In Fiore
Healing solution for inflammation, swelling, scars and sun damage.
Regular price $165
Wonder Valley - Two Deserts Soap - CAP Beauty
Two Deserts Soap
Wonder Valley
Olive oil soap to hydrate and nourish the skin.
Regular price $18
best seller
Marie Veronique - Soothing B3 Serum - CAP Beauty
Soothing B3 Serum
Marie Veronique
Calming face serum for redness-prone, sensitive skin.
Regular price $115
Olio e Osso - Lip and Cheek Balm - CAP Beauty
Lip and Cheek Balm
Olio e Osso
A true essential for any plant powered junkie.
Regular price $28
Alexis Smart Flower Remedies - In Love - CAP Grocery
In Love
Alexis Smart Flower Remedies
Oral drops to nurture, promote love from within and around.
Regular price $45
CAP - Matcha Stick - CAP Grocery
The Matcha Stick
CAP Beauty
Individual organic, ceremonial grade matcha.
Regular price $3
best seller
CAP - Big Matcha - CAP Grocery
The Big Matcha
CAP Beauty
Organic ceremonial-grade matcha, uplift and relax.
Regular price $145
Mount Sunny - CAP - The CAPsule - CAP Collaborations
The CAPsule
CAP Beauty + Mount Sunny
An everyday multi(dimensional) vitamin.
Regular price $48
Activist - Manuka Muchkins 200 - CAP Beauty - Front View
Manuka for Munchkins
Raw Manuka Honey crafted especially for your little ones.
Regular price $42
Autumn Sonata - Helena Pool Towel - Red Navy - CAP
Helena Pool Towel
Autumn Sonata
The ultimate organic oversized pool towel.
Regular price $120
Bathing Culture - Good Seed Conditioner - CAP Beauty - Front View
Good Seed Conditioner
Bathing Culture
Silky smooth locks with seeds, stems, and flowers.
Regular price $30
Activist - Manuka 100+ - CAP Beauty - Front View
Activist Manuka 1000+
The bee's knees of honeys.
Regular price $165
Activist - Manuka Immune Elixir - CAP Beauty
Manuka Immune Elixir
Uplevel your immune system with this blend of manuka honey and adaptogenic herbs.
Regular price $40