The Winter Skin Program


Frigid temperatures and powerful heaters make for confused and challenged skin. Just like we dress for the cold by adding layers, we recommend this same tactic for skincare. Don’t go out without your coat! Products that may feel heavy in the warmer months absorb quickly into parched skin and create a protective barrier from environmental stressors like the bitter wind and the freezing cold. Read on to explore an excerpt from our book, High Vibrational Beauty to discover how to keep your skin protected, nourished and hydrated.

Depending on your level of dryness, this may mean applying and reapplying throughout the day. Adding nutrition at skin level is your baseline defense against damage. 

Perform: Twice daily, and as needed

What you'll need: Cleanser, toner and oil or moisturizer, plus an optional balm 

Duration: 5 to 10 minutes

Cleanse with an oil or cream cleanser, and massage it into your skin like you mean it. The more time you spend on this crucial step, the more benefits you’ll see and feel. During the colder months, when we move less, boosting circulation is vital. Think of it as a mini trip to the spa, indulge yourself and get into it. Massage benefits you physically and mentally and creates truly radiant skin. We make a practice in all seasons to always cleanse at night and recommend assessing your skin in the morning to see if you truly need to cleanse. Sometimes just a quick rinse with warm and cool water will do the trick.

While your skin is still damp, mist generously with toner. Today’s hydrosols are nothing like the astringent and stripping toners from 30 years ago. A good toner should hydrate, nourish and even, in some cases, exfoliate. And, they’ll allow your oils, balms and serums to penetrate more deeply. This is vital during these very dry months.

Alternatively, you can add your toner to an oil or moisturizer. Mix together in your hand and apply to your face while still damp. By emulsifying the two, you create a bespoke product that will sink more readily into the skin. Again, winter calls for deep hydration, and this is one of the best ways to get it.

Layer on as many sources of nutrients and hydration as you want or need. Including a balm is an option for very dry or mature skin. We also like to keep bottles of hydrosols close at hand, on the nightstand, in our bags and at our desks. Mist anytime inspiration strikes. It’s great over makeup, too. We mist ourselves all day. even during meetings. Let’s just call it research. Layer up. Your winter skin will thank you. 



This gracious cleanser from Kahina lifts impurities and clarifies without stripping skin of its natural, vital oils. Argan Oil, Willow Bark and Papaya extracts work to gently exfoliate, brighten skin and hydrate. Blue Tansy and Neroli sweeten the deal and deliver its gorgeous scent. A ritual-worthy cleanser for everyday.


Simple synergy. A truly unique multi-tasking wonder, this healing oil packed with active herbal infusions cleanses, detoxifies, treats and hydrates all skin types with the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-microbial and antibacterial power of plants. Use to remove makeup, cleanse or moisturize while balancing and brightening skin.


This rich golden elixir is here to bring your facial cleansing game to the next level. Formulated with deeply moisturizing and nurturing Apricot Kernel Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil to thoroughly cleanse while imparting a silken touch. Calendula Flower Extract and Borage Leaf Extract work in tandem to calm any inflammation or sensitivities, while nutrient-rich Alfalfa revitalizes and feeds the skin. Meadowsweet Flower brings its astringent prowess to the table, and Sambucus Nigra Fruit goes one step further in toning the skin and providing an antioxidant boost. Perfect for those looking for a moisture boost in their cleansing regimen.


Lightning in a bottle, this rejuvenating toner will transform your skin and transport your mind to a lush field of roses. Rosewater of the highest concentration and potency sits at the base of this gorgeous elixir which houses powerful ingredients like Prickly Pear, Willow Bark and Goji Berry Extracts. Together these plant-based all stars gently exfoliate skin, deeply hydrate and protect against environmental pollutants. A sublime addition to any skincare regimen, simply mist or apply with hands to treat your skin to the best nature has to offer.


This advanced formula is designed to balance the liquids and lipids of skin cells. Designed to mimic the skin’s own lipid layers, it protects against the leaching of water from skin cells and encourages deeply hydrated, healthy skin. With pre and probiotics to fortify barrier function and AHAs to balance pH, this toner earns a spot among the best and the brightest. A truly superior product from the crossing of nature and science.


A toner and moisturizer in one, the Hydrating Accelerator enhances the delivery of hydration and nutrients into the skin by flooding cells with herb and vitamin infused aloe water. Skin is plumped, firmed, softened and protected while circulation is boosted and redness is calmed. Restore the skin’s innate healing and make your skin more receptive to masks and moisturizers with this healing, hydrating wonder.


For all you natural beauty minimalists out there we’ve found your ideal all-in-one product, The Balm from Nucifera. A blend of deliciously organic plant butters and oils from around the world, this whipped balm can be used in a myriad of ways and the scent is absolutely divine. Apply to the face as a cleanser, moisturizer or treatment that’s antibacterial and fights inflammation or massage onto the body as a daily moisturizer or to cure dry or irritated skin. Start with The Balm for a simple, quick and organic way to care for your skin. Because beauty doesn’t have to be complicated. 


Tata’s most decadent moisturizer yet. This nourishing cream is loaded with sixteen sources of hydration and twelve age defying botanicals. Plump skin to dewy perfection. Biocompatible hyaluronic and essential fatty acids keep skin moisturized and perfected for total radiance.


A calming blue balm that packs some serious hydration, The Blue Cocoon combines Blue Tansy, Camellia Seed Oil, Marula Oil and Cacao Seed Butter with soothing essential oils. With its intoxicating chocolate notes this balm melts on touch to become the most luxurious nighttime ritual for deeply hydrated skin and a great night's sleep. Great for mature, dry, rosacea prone skin. 


Pure, cold-pressed plant oils, rich mango butter, and three super-critical extracts break down dirt and makeup, cleansing your skin, without stripping its natural protective layer. And you can use the very same balm for moisturizing, illuminizing, hair taming and as a base for DIY make-up blends. A little goes a long way! 

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