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The Queen Healer


Reishi: The most studied natural substance on earth, Reishi is known as the “Queen Healer." This potent mushroom is said to be capable of helping the body speedily overcome any health challenges it may encounter, while improving its ability to modulate stress. Revered as a “bridge between heaven and earth,” Reishi radiates cosmic calm. Yes, please.

Antioxidant rich and immune boosting, Reishi promotes inner and outer beauty by reducing dermal oxidation, the process that produces signs of aging. Promoting transcendence, balance and inner strength, Reishi is a great partner in meditation or any contemplative morning ritual.


Good morning, great morning. The O’Clocks, our collection of adaptogenic blends, supports you through the peaks and valleys of your day. The first in our series, The 8AM, invites you to elevate and levitate with White Atractylodes and Astragalus to support immune function, digestion and metabolism and yin-loving Reishi to radiate cosmic calm and set you up perfectly for your morning meditation. Rhodiola delivers focus, creative spark and stamina while Morinda tackles inflammation and fights invasion. The 8AM is all you need to rise and shine and conquer your day, calmly, sweetly and in grace.


Consider Reishi the ultimate anti-stressor brought to you by Mother Nature. Balance your hormones, improve sleep quality and fight adrenal fatigue with with this delicious tea. Adrenal fatigue doesn't stand a chance with this by your side. 


Promoting calmness, balance and inner strength, this powder is a great addition to a meditative practice. Enjoy Reishi tea before bed as the perfect, calming night-CAP. 


The 4PM, our midday offering, reawakens and restores and wards off the mighty afternoon slump. Goji delivers vitality with a mighty dose of Vitamin C and all eight amino acids. Rhodiola sharpens focus while Astragalus and Codonopsis support immune function, digestion and fight the drifting energies of low blood sugar. Rehmannia supports the adrenals and promotes longevity while Reishi offers yin support so we sail through the afternoon in graceful calm. 


Grown’s balancing tonic brings together a host of healing mushrooms to strengthen the immune system, support the nervous system and balance hormones. Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Maitake, Reishi, Shitake and Turkey Tail help the body adapt and thrive. Magic mushrooms, indeed. 


Celebrate the gloriousness of the mind-body connection with this Spirit Dust. Confidence, awareness and appreciation will enjoy a well-deserved boost when you incorporate this powerful blend into your daily routine. It’s time to fuel the fire of your soul with the help of Reishi Mushroom, Pearl Powder and Goji Berry.

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