Behind Closed Doors: Kerrilynn's Pantry Picks

Stocking the kitchen is always something I enjoy, but lately I feel beyond privileged and grateful for the goodness our shelves hold. I’ve listed out my dream pantry below, but don’t let not having an ingredient around stop you from making a dish you love. Feed your body, soul and mind and have fun creating and sharing. 


The Coconut Butter

The first CAP product and I'd have to say, the most loved. Sweet or savory, mixed  or just straight off the spoon. There's not anything that it doesn't make more delicious. For real.  

Dark Horse

Greg is one of my favorite chef’s out there, so naturally his line of products is a favorite too.

Wonder Valley

High Desert gold, a constant in our pantry.

The Pink Mountain Salt

My favorite salt, and the one I reach for always. Pink, chunky and with the perfect amount of texture, this takes center stage in our kitchen.

Activist Honey

I love pretty much everyone I’ve met from New Zealand, especially this magically sweet family and their delicious honey.

The Light Ray

One of my favorites in our pantry, this collaboration with Wooden Spoon Herbs and CAP, is the jam like tincture that makes my skin look and feel its best. 

The O’Clocks

Created to support the ebbs and tides of the day, I rely on these to mark time and  support my system. 


No traveling required to enjoy this Greek nectar.

Keep Well Vinegar

Vinegar made from local produce by way of Baltimore, I love their unique way with flavor.

Sabarot Beans

Easy to find, and easy to cook, I always have a couple boxes of these in the pantry.

Sun Gold Farm Beans

My sister sends me these beans, and when that package arrives, it’s a good day. Grown in Oregon, they’re another favorite from my home state.

Rancho Gordo

Seems that we're all making beans right now so these are a little harder to find than normal, but if you do, I suggest grabbing a bag or two.

Koda Farms

So much Japan on this list, and with good reason. I have a deep love for the country, and that translates to the kitchen always. 

Pineapple Collaborative

I've long admired their dedication to sharing stories of women and food, and now that they've launched women made olive oil and ACV, I'm even more in admiration. 

Governor Olive Oil

With one of the highest levels of Polyphenols around, this liquid gold acts as a daily medicine, that happens to also taste delicious. Expect a big peppery hit to the back of the throat, that's the medicine. 


Simply the best. Her sourcing, transparency and products are the top of the game. I swear by her turmeric and chilli, and add them to almost everything I make. Her mission is clear, and her products are unparalleled.

Basbaas Sauce

These multi-layered sauces find their way into a lot of our meals. Relying on cilantro, coconut, green peppers and a rich Somali food history I turn to these often for a hit of warmth, spice and nuance that I can’t seem to find anywhere else.  I like them so much, that the creator, Hawa, has been known to send them to me by the pound.

Tart Vinegar

Made in Brooklyn with love and super interesting flavor profiles (Celery Vinegar!), these tonics can be used in salad, seltzer, or even applied to your face. Multi-tasking elevated! 

La Veneziane lasagna sheets

Gluten free, no boil and delicious. Say no more.

Daphnis + Chloe

I'm in love with the spices from here. Her smoked chili flakes find their way into almost every meal around here.  


The Matcha

Half my body is probably Matcha at this point. Fuel for focus that happens to be a taste I love.


My friend Christine, who is the queen of all things food, shared this husband and wife tea team with me. Now I rely on their Soba Cha at all times of the year. I love it when the temperature heats up, iced and chilled. And in the winter it makes the most delicious latte. 


Hailing from Portland, I have many favorite coffee houses. This one happens to sit at the top of that list. And is always my first stop when I visit my hometown. For now, we have the 5 pound bag shipped to Brooklyn. You can too. 


Bushwick cool turns its attention to coffee, and nails it. 

Canyon Coffee

Casey and Ally are the masterminds behind this coffee that hails from LA. It’s a favorite in our house.

Global Tea Hut

A monthly tea subscription that comes with an accompanying tea magazine, this one is for serious tea lovers everywhere.  


Seed + Mill

A constant in the fridge, I use it for sweets and savory. I think it's hands down the best tahini on the market, and if you can get your hands on their halvah, I highly recommend that as well. 

Cosmic Cultures

I was recently sent a care package from these fermentation masters, and I haven’t looked back. I eat A LOT of ferments, and I have not found a better one out there. And with all the health benefits surrounding sauerkraut, you'll want to have a jar in the fridge too.  

Aardvark Hot Sauce

Another Portland brand, this hot sauce reminds me of home. 

Doc's Maple Syrup

With waffles recently introduced into our home (thank you, Aran!), I naturally wanted to find the best maple syrup to accompany them. Mission accomplished. 

Highly Likely Hot Sauce

Kat is my kitchen hero, and her hot sauce is like no other. Spicy, sassy and a tiny bit sweet. I guess it's a lot like her. 

Annie’s Ginger Elixir

Top off your Gerolsteiner with a hit of this spicy elixir.

Blank Slate Szechuan Chili Oil

I grew up eating Szechuan food and just recently remembered how much I love the burn. This oil conjures up delicious memories. 

June Taylor Jams

I only recently discovered my deep love of jam, and this creator is at the top of her game. Hard to find, my husband brings it back from LA when he goes, but mail order will do for now. 

SQRL jams

I’ve still never eaten at the famed institution but have happily enjoyed their jam making operation from afar. 

Fly by Jing

Another ode to the deliciousness of Szechuan cuisine, this range has an oil and a spice mixture that kicks it up a notch.  


Bob’s Red Mill

Another Portland favorite, I’ve long admired this employee-owned company and all the grains they produce. Especially with all the bread I’m baking these days. 

Authentic Foods

My friend, and bread making mentor, Aran, turned me on to this best of the best brown rice flour. 



It's always Japan for me. 

John Julian

Elegant English pottery for your cupboards.


Bring California home.

Eric Bonnin

A perfect mug.

Nickey Kehoe Egg Container

Once I added eggs back into my diet, I also added this.


Classic and perfect.

Lue Brassware

Japanese brass elevates all, especially tonic time.

Japanese Tea Containers

An elegant and beautiful way to store tea and coffee. Gifts by way of Japan, thank you sweet friends. 


Great Jones

I'm loving these pans. They're super durable and a joy to cook with, and their Large Fry is the easiest pan I've found to cook eggs in. Plus, the cleanup is simple, thanks to the ceramic finish. Also, The Dutchess is big enough for all those beans you're cooking. Batch cooking gets an upgrade.

All Clad

My Mom gifted these to us when we moved in together over 20 years ago and they’re still going strong. True workhorses that get better with age.


Another gift, you’ll always find these cocottes simmering on the back burner in our kitchen. 



Yummy Bazaar

A broad range of ingredients from around the globe, this website covers all the countries. If they have the Ooo La La potato chips in stock, stock up.

Miracle Plum

A treasure out of California, this small grocer is shipping everything I want right now.


I’ve heard they’re backed up three weeks, but they’re worth the wait. Beautiful vegetables previously sourced for the best restaurants in the city, this delivery service is perfect.

Farm to People

I love all that they do here, and they’ve continued to impress me during quarantine. Their quality is excellent, their offerings abundant and I'm always happy to support them.

Evolutionary Organics

Kiera is one of my favorite farmers at the Grand Army Plaza Market, now she’s offering web orders and curbside pickup.

Reluctant Trading

Their smoked black peppercorns are a delicious addition to your meal. And their Chai is top notch too.


One of my favorite stores in the city, if you’re looking for spices or any type of ingredient, it’s more than likely you can find it here.

SOS Chefs

Used as a resource for chef’s all over the country, this East Village shop specializes in the unusual, beautiful and hard to find.

Formaggio Essex

A love letter to Italy, this stall in the Essex Street Market has all your Italian wants covered.

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