The Gift Guides: Friends of CAP

I know there are loads of gift guides out there, but I honestly think ours is one of the best. We tap our wildly inspiring and treasured CAP family for guides that cross all categories, price points and offerings. Make yourself a Matcha, get comfortable and dive in, there's something here for everyone on your list. Including yourself.


Founder of less is more skincare brand, LESSE, Neada, is a longtime friend whose love for rituals and simplicity is something we’ve always admired. Her discerning taste, which was honed during her time in the fashion industry, guides her to seek out the best of the best. A minimalist’s dream, Neada’s edit leans thoughtful and classic with products that elevate our closet, home, bathroom and kitchen with beauty and function. Enter her world of refined and pared-back elegance.


1. LESSE ESSENTIAL MOISTURIZER This luxurious cream has transformed my skin. I'll be giving it to every one of my loved ones.


2. NOGUCHI AND GREECE, GREECE AND NOGUCHI Ten out of ten, a must-read for all.


3. THE ROW MACARON BELT Something else from my personal wish list.


4. HANDS WOBBLE CANDLE SET Hand poured by my friends, these are elegant but weird— in the best possible way. 


5. YVONNE LAMBERT "BOOKS" BASEBALL CAP On the topic of books, I bought this hat for my husband and now everyone thinks he's smart. (He is.)


6. LESSE REGENERATION MIST Soothing, brightening, reparative. This mushroom mixture makes for such a tender, loving gift.


7. PORTO MINI The perfect everything pouch made from the most buttery leather. Mine is much loved and well worn.


8. CHRISTOFLE VERTIGO CENTERPIECE Give this to someone you live with so it's yours, too. 


9. CAP BEAUTY THE BIG MATCHA This extra large bag because it's simply that good. 


10. MOMA PANISA CHESS SET Every home needs a good chess set.


11. J.HANNAH CLASSIC CIGAR BAND This in silver for everyone you know, but especially me. 


12. BODHA WELL INCENSE HOLDER Pair with a box of Bodha incense for a petite but beautiful gift for friends near and far.  


13. LYMA LASER Thinking of investing in beauty tech, for you or a loved one? It should be this. 


NO KID HUNGRY A worthy cause, and the most moving gift. If you're planning on getting anything for me, please make it this.



Anja is a native New Yorker who started her career in the fashion industry and now consults many of those same brands to develop more sustainable and purpose-driven businesses. With a focus on social activism and sustainability, Anja gravitates towards intentional, consciously created products that endure and add beauty and purpose to our lives. From skincare to clothing to pantry goods, many of Anja’s picks give back, making giving all the more special this season.



CAP BEAUTY SEROTONER Full disclosure: the first time I tried this was on a bright sunny day in Kerrilynn’s magical old house in the canyon - I was immediately hooked. Toner feels like such an extravagance sometimes, I can get this for a friend to give her the gift of simple indulgence. Wish I could include the sunny day and the house in the canyon. 


2. CAP BEAUTY MATCHA STICK BOX This is my favorite stocking-stuffer add-on for any bigger gift. Everyone’s always trying to start fresh again in January, and this is some of my favorite clear buzzy matcha to replace the excessive coffee that gets us all through the holidays.


3. GOHAR WORLD FISH LEMON SQUEEZER I am obsessed with hosts gifts, and I am truly hoping that someone brings this to my house for the holidays. Everything Gohar World is interjected with humor and history, equally functional and display-worthy!


4. ONE LOVE COMMUNITY FRIDGE TEE I have volunteered with One Love Community Fridge, a New York-based non profit organization tackling food security, for a few years now. Their approach to the respect and dignity that is deserved by those that need food and grocery support is inspiring, and the proceeds from each of these beautiful tees support the crucial work of the org. 


5. MONDAYS IKEBANA VASE Love the handmade quality of everything that Mondays makes, but I especially love this vase for its ability to display simple, sculptural arrangements.


6. COMME SI SOCKS I love a luxe sock, and especially as we all indulge in the loafer and mary jane trend I love socks with a beautiful and elevated color, to inspire a beautiful and elevated mood.


7. BAINA BATH TOWELS My go-to set for towel gifting, the colors and patterns of Baina add a layer of elevated ritual to every bathtime. So fluffy, so luxurious, so chic. 


8. LOEWE NEST BAG This is the gift for ME! Look at this bag! I love the artfullness and wit of Loewe, and their woven bags are created from overage scraps in their atelier, to close the loop on waste. Even without that sustainable bonus, I need this bag. 


9. LESSE BIOACTIVE FACE MASQUE I’ve sworn by this face masque since Lesse first launched - it’s gentle and soothing, and the next morning I always feel a little brighter. Their attention to ingredients, scent and experience has me hooked on their rituals.


10. MOTHER TONGUE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION A beautiful and artfully produced world of women’s stories, unbound by the concept of mothering, and certainly a book you want to hold onto for years to come, every issue is a treasure chest of incredible thoughts and conversations.


11. WONDER VALLEY OLIVE OIL I really just want to smell like Wonder Valley every day! Their hinoki oil is such a nice everyday indulgence, and especially in New York with our dry, miserable winters, a hot bath followed by a generous dose of this oil is what we all really deserve. 


12. WWAKE OPAL EARRINGS Getting these for my daughter as she begins to build the foundational jewelry collection that she’ll hopefully have for the rest of her life. I love a birthstone stud, and Wwake’s collection is ethically sourced and produced - essential to any family heirloom.


13. MARIE VERONIQUE MULTI-RETINOL NIGHT EMULSION This night treatment has been such a game-changer for me. I don’t use many retinol products… maybe because this one has spoiled me so? But each time I use it I wake up looking like I’ve had many, many full nights of sleep in a row. Introduce your friends to this magic night potion and let them thank you later. 


14. MONASTERY ATTAR FLORAL REPAIR CONCENTRATE Kerrilynn introduced me to Monastery’s Attar concentrate years ago in her New York store, and I have been hooked ever since. Especially for those winter months when it’s impossible to keep my skin protected, this balm is manna from heaven.


15. DOING WELL SUBSCRIPTION I found my brilliant health coach, Daphne Javitch of Doing Well, in 2019. Her loving guidance toward routine and management has absolutely changed my life, and I love her subscription for bite-sized guidance and health tools. At just $12 a month, it’s an easy way to remind someone you love and support them every month.


16. RINCON TROPICS PRODUCE BOX Their box of seasonal fruits is the perfect gift for any passion fruit or avocado friend. I have been gifted this box before by my most skilled gift-giving friend, and it brought such unbridled joy! Dried persimmons? Yes please!


LITTLE ESSENTIALS DIAPER DRIVE One in three families suffer from diaper insecurity in the U.S., a life-changing essential need. Little Essentials runs a perennial diaper drive for families in need. As a stocking stuffer, add a box of diapers for a family in need in the name of your friends and loved ones. Spread the love!



Australian-based mother of three, Carter Were is the creator of some of our favorite recipes, and author of two of our favorite cookbooks  that share nourishing, simple and wholesome recipes. With a discerning eye that extends far beyond the kitchen, Carter’s world is filled with the objects, clothes and products we aspire to surround ourselves with. Let her introduce you to her beautiful life down under.


1. LYMA LASER This would be the ultimate self-care gift for my skin and I would love if Santa could bring me one for Christmas.


2. CARTER'S COOKBOOK The sequel to my first cookbook with simple recipes for everyone to enjoy.


3. SORI YANAGI UTENSILS The only utensils you’ll ever need in the kitchen. They are simple and robust and when buying things for my kitchen I like to buy one thing I will have forever. 


4. TED MUELING BERRY EARRINGS I love all of his jewelry and how it relates to nature. I have a pair of rice and acorns! I also like that they are made from different crystals as I like to wear ones when I am needing some extra strength depending on my mood or what is going on in my life. 


5. ACTIVIST MANUKA HONEY 850+ The only honey I truly love comes from my home, Aotearoa. The stronger the better! My favourite way to enjoy it is on toast with lots of butter. 


6. THISTLES SUNGLASSES I love the classic wayfarer shape of sunglasses and Thistle is a friend from home. I love his style and his sunglasses are the perfect shape to suit everybody’s faces.


7. CAP BEAUTY SEROTONER The toner everyone loves but I have yet to try. I am trying to take better care of my skin now that I am in my mid- 30’s, and having three kids has aged me! Skincare is something I like to do for myself and this toner would easily fit into my quick routine. 


8. CAP BEAUTY MATCHA BAG I enjoy this matcha almost daily at home. I only have one coffee a day so this is the perfect afternoon pick me up with a little honey and milk.


9. CAP BEAUTY + AUTUMN SONATA ELENA TOILETRY KIT To put all my CAP beauty products in to take away with me. Finding good toiletry bags can be hard, but I like the feminine touch with the bow and I love vintage textiles. 


10. MARIE VERONIQUE MULTI-RETINOL NIGHT EMULSION I would love to add this natural retinol to my routine to help slow down the wrinkles that are popping up. 


11. FIVE STAR POM POM SLIPPERS The cutest and most comfortable slippers for around the home. They are lined with sheepskin so they keep your feet warm or cool which makes them great whatever season you’re living in.


12. ORACLE OLIVE OIL I have loved visiting Greece for the last 10 years. I fell in love with the food there when I was 19 and there is no better olive oil, in my opinion.


13. AUTUMN SONATA HELENA TOWEL The perfect towel for the beach, the pool and taking on our summer holiday to Aotearoa.


14. HARRY WERE CARDIGAN Most of my most worn clothes are by Harry. She makes the most beautiful pieces that are always as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. They are made to last. Her latest cardigans that she has made from extra fine Haunui wool from sheep that live in the South Island of Aotearoa look so cosy. I love that they are thin enough to wear in warm climates too.


15. DAVID MELLOR CUTLERY Classic cutlery for the table. I like the Provencal style with the soft rounded handles made from resin. It has been around since the 1970’s and is a friendly set to suit any table setting. 







We’ve long relied on friend and mentor, Kristina, for her deeply holistic and scientific approach to nourishing the skin. But we also look to her for style. We rely on her for discoveries beyond our outermost layer and love to learn what’s inspiring her. Read on to discover an edit that is full of products that inspire health and beauty from the inside-out and outside-in. Welcome Kristina’s edit to a well-lived life.


1. SOPHIE LOU JACOBSEN Sophie is an amazing designer I know from living in Paris. Her pieces are so creative and pretty. The aesthetic at my house is pretty simple and classic so a few of her pieces around the house really adds a fun touch. 


2. MARIE VERONIQUE BARRIER RESTORE SERUM + BARRIER LIPID COMPLEX I give these two to all the women in my family for Christmas because of their ability to quickly balance moisture levels + hydration in the skin. No one ever complains about winter dry skin with me in the family! 


3. IDO YOSHIMOTO He makes these beautiful hollow wooden vases that are heavy so you can load them up with branches and huge arrangements. They make any room, table, outdoor setting look festive and amazing.


4. MASA MEMORY MORITA HOT SAUCE  I like hot sauce on everything and love everything April makes.


5. PLUNGE TOWELS We go to the beach year round so I love a good beach towel. Jessica's line features different artist's designs on the towels, which is super fun and unique.


6. CAP BEAUTY MATCHA I've been a fan since CAP first started packaging their own. I first used it during my facial treatments when I would see clients in CAP which I loved and now it's my favorite afternoon treat when I need a little energy boost. 


7. MARIE VERONIQUE + KRISTINA HOLEY MULTI-RETINOL This product checks all the boxes for me, I know if I am busy and doing nothing else for my skin this product will cover all my concerns for age delay and skin health. 


8. ZOE DERING CERAMICS Zoe's designs are so intricate and really show her talent, I especially love her serving bowls.


9. MONK ESTATE JEWELRY Lazuli's selection of vintage jewelry is so fun and unique, each piece has a super interesting story, and I love the idea of repurposing and wearing something with a history. 


10. ORACLE OLIVE OIL Everytime I use this oil I sneak a little sip because the flavor is SO good.


11. EVA MASAKI SUNGLASSES I met her at a dinner party in NYC and absolutely love her line. She has such a long history of working in the industry which really shows in the quality and design of her frames.


12. MARIA MCMANUS Maria has worked with many fashion houses and just recently launched her own line. It is so classic and elegant and I love the ethos- anti fast fashion, buy less, better quality. 




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