Mushroom Magic Tartine

We express our love for plants often at CAP. But we also have a deep love for mushrooms and all they offer. And while we incorporate fungi into our meals year round, we especially crave their earthy, savory flavors come fall and winter. The ultimate mushroom indulgence, this Mushroom Magic Tartine, courtesy of our friends at Botanica, marries maitake, oyster and king trumpet mushrooms with fresh herbs and a generous dusting of The Mushroom Magic Spice. Adding depth and umami to all it touches, The Mushroom Magic Spice relies on grounding aromatics, dried mushrooms and warming spices to elevate all you dust it with. Enjoy this tartine for lunch or dinner and stack mushrooms on mushrooms this season with the ultimate love song to fungi and flavor. Make magic with mushrooms.

Mushroom Magic Tartine

Serves 1-2

By Heather Sperling 



2 cups mixed mushrooms (maitake, oyster, king trumpet)

Extra Virgin olive oil 

1 teaspoon Mushroom Magic Spice

Sea salt 

1 thick slice of sourdough bread

2 tablespoons green tahini

1 teaspoon toasted pine nuts

A handful of fresh herbs (parsley, mint, cilantro, dill)




Slice or tear mushrooms into medium-sized pieces and sear in olive oil. Season with 1/2 teaspoon of Mushroom Magic Spice (save the remaining 1/2 teaspoon for garnishing) and a small sprinkle of flaky salt. Toast bread on both sides in olive oil (or brush lightly with olive oil and toast in the oven). Spread green tahini across the top of the toasted bread, top with the seared mushrooms, and sprinkle with the remaining Mushroom Magic Spice. Garnish with toasted pine nuts and herbs. 



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