My Universe: Kassandra Thatcher

Welcome to Kassandra Thatcher's universe. Having grown up in New York amongst artists, her approach to aesthetics is highly developed, and extends to all mediums. Whether she’s turning her attention to making the perfect breakfast or hand building a lamp her educated and curious eye is one we consistently look to for inspiration. Let her wild and wonderful world of shapes and forms guide you to a space of creativity, and get spaced out with Kassandra.


Tea or tonic drink Tea, roasted dandelion or fennel

How do you like to eat I intermittently fast or do bulletproof coffee in the morning a bunch. If I’m not doing that I’m more of a two bigger meals a day and a snack somewhere in between with my afternoon coffee (I work late too much). 

What’s always in your fridge ACV, LESSE Bioactive Masque, tahini, cottage cheese, red cabbage, grass fed butter, anchovies

Go-to dinner recipe Lemon chicken, roasted broccoli, japanese yams or black rice  

Go-to dinner party recipe Big one pot pasta: limone, vongole, anchovy and rabe,  bagna cauda with torn crusty bread, radishes and fennel.

Favorite snack Toasted hazelnuts 

Favorite drink Gerolsteiner mineral water; orange wine

Where do you grocery shop Marlow and daughters

What do you have for breakfast If I’m having breakfast it’s either cooked buckwheat with ghee and tahini or a soft scramble with sautéed fennel and toast, hopefully with Kerrilynn’s sourdough. 


Toothpaste Tom’s fennel

Soap Dr. Bronner’s Almond

Lip Egyptian Magic because I usually put too much on my hands. Life of a ceramic artist

Perfume or Cologne Perfume. Searching for a new scent so right now it’s usually Everyday Oil from my dry brushing

Hair stylist Trying to grow out my hair

Cleanser Tata Harper

Toner Rose water

Serum Marie Veronique

Moisturizer Josh Rosebrook

Mask LESSE Bioactive Face Masque

Beauty tool Ice cubes!!

Makeup RMS, Illia


Where do you live South Williamsburg

Artist Barbara Hepworth

Piece of art in your home A small quilted collage by Harold Shapinsky’s wife, Kate

Museum The MET

Pets Sandy German Shepherd Pitbull, she lives with my mom

Sheets Parachute

Favorite restaurant Diner

Best cup of coffee/tea in your town Devocion

Pottery A smattering of a collection that will be forever growing. The pieces I brought back from Japan, the John Gill mug I bought myself for my birthday this year and MONDAYS plates, are in rotation most often.

Favorite piece of furniture Le Corbusier / Charlotte Perriand couch, soft dark brown leather, chrome lined. The back cushions flip over to become a daybed. It’s slightly uncomfortable but is the only memory I have left of the loft I grew up in. Inherited from my Mom.

Furniture store or designer Holler and Squall, MDFG. Clara Porset designed most of the furniture in Luis Barragan’s home and I don’t think enough people know that. She’s incredible. And Wendell Castle. 

Minimalist or maximalist I definitely flirt in between and wish I could commit to one

Hotel We stayed at Sunset Tower in LA for New Years this year and now it’s my favorite

Dream dinner party guests Frank O’Hara, Barbara Hepworth, Toni Morrison, Betty Woodman, Pina Bausch, Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Most used kitchen gadget Mandoline, Electric whisk

What do you collect Vintage yellow tees, pottery


Who or what inspires you Vulnerability. People who are willing to admit their defects of character and yet will not let those things define them. 

Quote “And I am out on a limb, and it is the arm of God” O’Hara

Crush Sam Rockwell since day 1, ScarJo 

Beach The parts in Montauk untouched by tourists

Favorite place in the world Montauk

Films Almost Famous, Her, The Mirror (Tarkovsky), Beginners, A Tree of Life, The Princess Bride, The Life Aquatic

Favorite albums The White Album, American Appetite, Reflektor, Echolocations: Canyon, A Rush of Blood to the Head, Take Care, Call Me By Your Name Soundtrack

Books Too Much and Not the Mood, Bluets, Cassandra at the Wedding, every Frank O’Hara book of poems, The Reproduction of Profiles 

Photography or coffee table book Valentine Schlegel je dors je travaille, Leslie Williamson Handcrafted Modern

Favorite cookbook @werebros instagram

Wellness idol Daphne Javitch

Who would you want to be for a day Myself before I knew what responsibility was and when the most important thing was playing.

Inner age 15 or 45

Song in your head at the moment It’s a cacophony in there


Jeans Vintage Levi 501s, Stan Rays in the studio

T-shirt @mothfood or Vince white tees

Socks muji

Heels Already tall enough

Sneakers high top 70’s style converse

Boots no 6 crepe sole in bottle

Sunglasses The Row x Oliver Peoples Parquet in yellow that I stole from my boyfriend 

Watch my iPhone

Day bag one of 1000 canvas totes, or Are Studio Barrel bag

Jewelry Ariana Boussard-Reifel Maya silver ring, vintage chunky silver pinky ring, Mary MacGill Ethiopian Opal ring, Alexis Idone Pyramid ring, J Hannah Tetra Hoops, vintage gold chain, gold pendant my high school boyfriend gave me ages ago and haven’t taken off since.

Workout wear lululemon leggings, worn in tees, sky ting sweatpants

Designers LOROD, The Row, Jil Sander, Toteme, Mari Giudicelli, Dries, Sophie Buhai

Lingerie or underwear Calvins, anything sheer from the great eros

Where do you shop Mostly vintage, Raggedy Threads, Mothfood, Front General 

Online shopping site Ebay 

Swimwear Hunza G

Style Icon My best friend @alexarunsdorf, Mari Giudicelli, Karen Flora Brody



What’s your sign Cancer sun, Capricorn rising, Taurus moon, hello Scorpio north node

Workout HIIT, yoga, biking everywhere when the weather is tolerable

Studio/Teacher Everyone at Sky Ting, but I mostly go to the gym

Do you meditate? Yes but never enough, sometimes journaling is my meditation

Experts in your corner (herbalists, doctors, registered nurses, naturopaths) My oldest family friend is astounding when it comes to remedies, healing, energy work, etc. so I go to her very often. 

Morning rituals Simple stretches, ACV shot and loads of water, slow coffee while journaling, ice cube massage on face

Evening rituals It’s inconsistent, I’m home late very often these days. But always my skincare routine, hopefully a mask, reading or an episode of whatever show we’re into. 

Astrologist Whenever I talk to Paige Geffen 

Human Design Splenic Projector 4/6

Shower or bath Shower

Extrovert or introvert Both depending on where I am at the time emotionally and spiritually. I react very strongly to other energies and outputs so I often meet another where I feel I am being received. I’ve always said I’m an extroverted introvert. 

Stress management techniques Floating in the ocean, box breathing, sweating, smelling good.

Who is your get out of jail call My oldest friend in the world Hannah. She gets a call from me at least once a day.



Apps Spotify, Instagram, Headspace

Phone iPhone X

Phone case Silicone Lime Green I got off amazon

Website nytimes

Podcasts Armchair Expert, OnBeing, Goop 

Computer bag Canvas tote

Favorite gadget AirPods

Favorite Instagram @rudyjude, @samyoukilis

Favorite News source nytimes

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