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Over 5 years in the making, our first skincare product, the serotoner, was designed to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin—something I personally wanted, and needed, after a decade of overly stripping and exfoliating. A profoundly transformational tool in my own skin healing journey, the serotoner is a groundbreaking product I created alongside an extraordinary formulator that draws on the intelligence of highly adaptive desert botanicals to promote a calm and more even complexion. Mist your skin often and generously to encourage your healthiest, happiest and most resilient glow. And read on to discover more about the serotoner's unique formulation and the endless benefits it offers our skin.

What is the serotoner?

The first product in our CAP Beauty skincare line, the serotoner is a hydrating and calming toner, in the form of a super fine mist, that can be used at any point during our skincare routine, and as often as needed throughout the day. Unlike most toners, the serotoner isn't astringent and doesn't strip skin, but instead relies on intelligent desert botanicals to nourish and calm.



What adjectives best describe how the serotoner supports our skin?

  • Calming
  • Fortifying
  • Nourishing
  • Soothing
  • Hydrating



Who did we formulate the serotoner for?

We formulated the serotoner specifically for those of us with drier and more sensitive skin types who tend to have a more difficult time fighting stress caused by pollution, extreme weather conditions, lack of sleep and food triggers. When skin is dry and sensitive, daily irritants can lead to pronounced redness, inflammation and discomfort. And the serotoner was intelligently designed to combat these common symptoms by soothing, healing, hydrating and protecting our outermost layer, encouraging an overall more calm and resilient complexion the more you use it.




What is so special about its formulation?

Utilizing Griffonia, a shrub native to Africa that contains 5-HTP, a natural precursor to the “happy hormone” serotonin, this gentle mist is one of the first products to foray into the neuro-beauty space. The serotoner treats our skin holistically, from the outside-in, acknowledging the often overlooked connection between our mind and skin, how we look and how we feel.


The serotoner also utilizes a cutting edge, all-natural preservation system, which is a deviation from the typical, harsh skincare preservatives used in most beauty products. Our unique preservation system not only doesn't harm our skin's precious microbiome, but actually protects and strengthens it.


It took years to find the perfect balance of botanicals that all worked together, synergistically, to noticeably strengthen and nourish our skin. The serotoner has exceeded all our expectations, and made way for our healthiest, happiest skin yet. 



Why desert plants?

Desert plants have an amazing ability to absorb and hold onto water in the hottest, driest and windiest environments. Through thousands of years of evolution, they have adapted incredibly complex defense systems; protective leathery outer layers and spongy, gel-like insides that lock in moisture under extreme heat and environmental stress. When formulating the serotoner, we extracted these incredible compounds to increase our skin's ability to hold onto water and strengthen its barrier system, resulting in more moisturized and calm complexion. Nature is rich with wisdom, and desert plants felt like a natural ally for skin that leans more dry and sensitive.




What are the serotoner's key skin supporting ingredients:

Griffonia: This woody shrub native to parts of Africa, contains a precursor to the “feel-good” hormone serotonin, encouraging calmer and happier skin. Due to continuously being under intense UV exposure, griffonia soothes and hydrates the skin deeply, particularly post-sun.



Agave: Agave is a well-known desert succulent that lives under extreme environmental stress. Its robust and complex defense system coupled with its high mineral and vitamin content works to moisturize and nourish our skin, promoting a calmer and more even complexion.



Prickly Pear: A flowering plant in the cactus family, prickly pear combats irritation by blocking the release of stress markers. Its ability to provide long-lasting water-binding properties effectively keeps skin hydrated, similar to how cactus holds water in nearly uninhabitable dry heat.



Aloe: As a succulent, aloe has evolved over millions of years to survive with little to no water, helping our skin retain ample moisture while also offering reduced redness and irritation, making it an excellent ally for sensitive and dry skin types.



Coconut Extract: Coconut extract bolsters our skin's water-holding capacity and strengthens its barrier function over time. And since coconut extract has a different fatty acid composition to coconut oil, it does this all without clogging our pores. 



How should we use the serotoner?

When it comes to enjoying the serotoner, we suggest throwing out the old rulebook. Unlike other toners used only during our morning and evening routine, the serotoner is meant to be used as often as we’d like. It also plays well with our favorite oils and serums, offering up a customized, deeply hydrating treatment. 


Our favorite way to incorporate the serotoner into our skincare routine is threefold. First mist the serotoner onto skin immediately after cleansing for a boost of hydration. Then, add a spritz to a few drops of your favorite facial oil, mix well and then gently pat all over your face, neck and décolletage to drive moisture deeper into your pores. Finish with a final mist of the serotoner for a dewy, youthful and glowy appearance. 


Drier skin types may find that they can use the serotoner more frequently, spritzing every few hours or as often as needed throughout the day.


Close your eyes and spray the serotoner liberally on your face anytime you're in need of a boost of moisture and calm.




Other ways to use the serotoner?

We find the serotoner showcases its powerful capabilities especially well after (too much) time in the sun, while traveling on an airplane (it's under 3 fl. oz and can be tucked into your carry on), as a make-shift hair serum and to calm down minor flare-ups.



The serotoner can also be used beyond our faces — mist your chest, arms and legs for a cooling and soothing whole body treatment. It’s even safe enough to use on your children. Just be sure not to get it in their eyes.




Where should you keep the serotoner?

Store the serotoner in the fridge for an extra refreshing experience. We also love keeping it on our desk, in our purse, in the car, inside our carry on bag when we travel, on our bathroom counter and on our bedside table for a convenient morning and evening mist. 



When our skin is good, we feel better. And when we feel good, our skin feels better. CALM YOUR SKIN AND YOUR MIND with the serotoner.



"The serotoner is absolutely divine. It provides a calming effect with each spritz for the skin and mind. It contains aloe vera which I am a huge fan of, to soothe and hydrate the skin while the willow bark combats blemishes. I use it daily, especially post run to calm redness, inflammation and refresh the skin."




"This mist is divine. The smell is so unexpected and jovful. As a facialist I test tons of products and read so many ingredient labels. Many mists promise hydration but are glorified water sprays. A good mist needs humectants to help hold the hydration on the surface of the skin. I love that the serotoner has multiple humectants leaving the skin hydrated and dewy. Plus the glass bottle and incredible smell make vour skincare routine feel like a ritual instead of a chore."




"This product is the best thing I've become addicted to in vears. First off I'm really into the concept, and have always turned to scent for emotional/mental health help. Secondly, THIS FORMULA- the ingredient list is a workof art, as is the scent. I probably use too much in one use, as a result; once I start misting, I don't want to stop. Finally, what is referred to as the way the mist is 'metered' is spot on perfect. Meaning, the amount of product, and the fine ness of the droplets of the product that comes out per each time you press the nozzle is just right. And that's rare, too."





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