Manifestation 101


I began manifesting at seventeen. I realized at a young age that really profound synchronicities were happening in my life.


Then I started to piece together the evidence of wanting something and watching it show up. I fell into the same Manifestation traps of popular texts circulating, “Create a vision board. Change your thoughts to positive ones. Stay in the vortex. Visualize. Then what you want will appear.” These notions failed me. I read all the books. I watched the movie. Small occurrences would happen, but never big ones.

When I turned twenty-three, I threw all of that surface level jargon out the window and tested out manifestation for myself. I really explored how and what showed up when. I studied my process. Then I tested it for years. I fine-tuned it and figured out a specific formula that has never failed me, ever, since. And it’s pretty down to a science now.

I was a private chef for a handful of high profile clients in Los Angeles. And I naturally began spiritually guiding them, specifically on manifestation. They started receiving what they were calling in, in the most unimaginable and synchronistic ways. They insisted that I open my practice up to the world. As if I weren’t alien enough (holistic chef and herbalist), I decided to open it and it’s totally snowballed since.

Before understanding the first steps of Manifestation, it’s really important to demystify the jargon we’ve picked up about manifestation that actually hinder us from manifesting.

Those very basics of Manifestation : 101

CLARITY | before one even starts the process of manifestation, or working with me, I make them get clear. If one is wishy washy, they receive wishy washy results in their life. Let’s say you are wanting to switch careers but you kind of want to do a, although you’re also interested in b, but you’re actually manifesting c because it’s a safe move. Those are all very unclear messages, and attached to fear. The Universe will only send you little sprinkles of a, b, and mostly c. Get clear. A really, and it’s kind of a let down at how easy this is, great way to do it is by asking The Universe to show you what career you are supposed to pursue next.

The Universe ALWAYS answers you. It’s up to you to listen. And it will keep sending you signs until you hear it. You’ll know you’ve received it because you’ll have an “ah-ha” moment. And The Universe will answer you in all sorts of ways. You’ll read a billboard. Two friends will randomly mention the same career in two separate conversations. You’ll hear something on the radio. A random article will pop up on the Internet about the career. Listen, especially to signs that show up in threes. You’ll usually receive the answer within three weeks.

THE LIST | vision boards don’t work. I’m sorry, they just don’t. Why? Because it’s a cutout picture in a magazine of two random people holding hands, on a beach you don’t want to go to, yada yada. It’s not you. It’s not the specific person or thing you want.

Even since Vedic times, the written word has been acknowledged as an incredibly potent way to connect the subconscious mind with hand and pen. I make everyone write a very detailed list of what they are calling in. There are a couple of reasons for this. When people write a list, they are able to get VERY clear and incredibly specific with their list. On top of that, when they write a clear and specific list of what or whom they are calling in, the subconscious mind is able to register it with clarity, which then becomes a direct antenna to The Universe.

EGO | There are many things to demystify in the culture of manifestation that exists in popular context today, but a major one is manifesting from the ego! When one is manifesting from the ego, life becomes one big test and lesson. Always. There’s a certain pop singer that expressed, “I know that I will be a famous singer. I know and believe it as strongly as I know and believe the color yellow is yellow.”

She was right. But her intention was always fame and fortune. Nothing with substance. And she was, and is, FULL of low self-worth. Five years ago, she became famous overnight. Everyone here knows of her. Within a year, she was in rehab and her life completely unraveled. It consists of one big test after another.

We are on the planet to evolve into our highest version of self. That is literally our soul’s purpose and journey for taking this body. The Universe wants the exact same thing for us. And the moment we ask for something, it’s incredibly happy to connect us with it. But its true mission is to assist us in becoming the highest versions of ourselves. That is why it is important to do The Work in order to rise up to the more evolved subject you are calling in.

If you manifest from the ego, you will be met with lesson and test after lesson and test until you go within, shift your limiting beliefs, face your fears, raise your low self-worth, and start manifesting from your heart.

THE WORK | this is where my formula and technique varies from the common surface level manifestation jargon that is floating around. Sadly, your outer reality is a complete reflection of your beliefs, especially your beliefs of self. 100%. You can visualize and think positive thoughts until the cows come home but what you desire will ONLY show up if you believe you are worthy of it.

There are two facts when it comes to Manifestation.

1. The moment you clearly and specifically ask for anything, The Universe is already in motion trying to connect that subject and you. If you believe (truthfully, not forced) that you deserve this subject, you will receive it, or something/someone better than what you asked for. I can tell you this with absolute, complete, tried and true confidence.

2. However if you have limiting beliefs surrounding the subject you’re manifesting, untrue programming, or lack of self worth, The Universe will send you tests and lessons to pass, and as many as you need, until you expand your belief system and grow your self worth. These are literally blocks that are preventing the manifested subject from materializing in one’s life. It’s as if the subject is floating around you but can’t get through your wall.

3. The only way to bring down your blocks (or walls) are to grow your self worth through doing the work as well as recognizing the lessons you’re receiving, facing them (usually by facing your greatest fears) and passing them.

When I walk my clients through decoding what they are receiving (especially the lessons and tests), pinpointing the patterns and cycles they are repeating from old programming, and most importantly where they need to grow and shift their self worth (which is always much deeper than what they are pinpointing themselves).

Every person varies. Most subjects of manifestation vary. The work I have one do surrounding manifesting a relationship is vastly different than reprogramming their beliefs around abundance and where money comes from. This is why guidance literally bestows awareness and completely breaks apart the untrue, usually illogical, ridiculous programming we’ve picked up from parents, society, our direct environments and cities, pain, and then ourselves.

MAGNETIZING | a few things that make one instantly magnetic

– Fearlessly authentic | when you are copying anyone’s process or trying to live out another’s life, you have yet to step into your unique and incredibly powerful magnetizing self. The moment you stop looking at what others are doing and choose your every move based on your unique and original thoughts as well as your intuition, things instantly begin attracting to you.

– Boundaries | having very clear and defined boundaries of self with others, jobs, friends, relationships, work, and yourself make you instantly magnetic. When anything doesn’t feel right, or you’re around negative energy, or someone is too forward and invading your space, the moment you draw very specific boundaries or detox that energy from of your life, thing will start magnetizing to you right away. And anytime you clear space from your life of anything that no longer serves you (clothes, people, jobs, friends, materials, trash), The Universe always sends you new things to fill it. If you’re passing your tests and learning your lessons, it fills it with what you’re wanting.

– Jumping off cliffs | anytime a fear comes up, especially deeply rooted ones, if you choose to jump off the cliff and face it fearlessly, you become very magnetic. Examples of this would be finally quitting the really shitty job, leaving the terrible relationship, being alone for the first time in your life, putting yourself out there no matter how incredibly fearful of it you are.

If you notice a common theme here, stepping into your power, hooray. The Universe LOVES gifting everyone with what they are calling in when they grow, step into their power, and live fearlessly and authentically.

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