Meet Jenn Tardif, the multi-talented, multi-faceted founder of 3rd Ritual. A deep love for objects and the acts that surround them inspired her to create the much adored Bel Candle and Moon Lotion. Brass, fire and scent encourage you to pause and appreciate the passing of time with the Bel Candle, while nutritious botanicals allow you to pause and appreciate yourself with the Moon Lotion. Read on to discover her process and how she passes her time.

In your own words, how would you describe what you do?

I'm a woman of many slashes: mother/teacher/student, but in more practical terms, I am the founder of 3rd Ritual. 


What led you down the path to starting 3rd?

I've always believed that simple rituals can inspire sacred experiences from the creative practices that pave the way to a flow state with daily habits like putting yourself to bed each night. 

What is 3rd Ritual? 

3rd Ritual creates modern tools for ancient techniques, like the BEL which uses fire, gravity and sound to measure time and our latest creation, MOON, a botanical body lotion designed to support practices like Savasana and palm inhalation. We also host seasonal workshops which are a beautiful real-life embodiment of the philosophies we study from sacred geometry and numerology to aromatherapy and intention-setting. 

What’s behind the name "3rd Ritual"?

I love this question because there are so many layers to the answer. From sacred geometry to mythology, the number three holds great significance. It takes three musical notes to form a chord. Three strands to make a braid. Three markers to divide time into past, present and future. Adding a numeral to our name is also an act of reverence for the fact that we are not the first nor the last, but instead, a small part of a long lineage of teachers and seekers alike. 

What inspires you when it comes to teaching and the work you are doing with 3rd Ritual?

Oh man, it's ever-evolving. I'm constantly humbled by the way these practices meet us wherever we're at. When things are good, ritual helps infuse milestones with meaning. When things are difficult, ritual is ready and waiting to help us recover. Our thesis at 3rd is simple: we believe that if you move half as fast you notice twice as much, and everything we create, from a new product to a post on Instagram, is intended to inspire this.


How do you recommend someone instill a new ritual into their lives?

There's a reason so few people maintain their New Year's resolutions and yet most of us have a relatively easy time brushing our teeth every day. Introducing a new habit is no small feat but you're much more likely to succeed if you start small, with tiny tangible acts, like sitting still for 5 minutes each day. There's no greater act of self-love than making a promise that you, and you alone, can keep. 


What has been the most important moment for 3rd Ritual so far?

Every story we hear from our community. One couple used their BEL on the morning of their wedding to help them stay present throughout the day. Another woman told us that MOON helped her breathe deeply through her 40 hour labor. I can't single out just one moment because it's every DM, email, or in-person exchange that inspires us to keep creating and evolving and striving to raise the bar.  


What does a typical day look like for you?

I wake my daughter up with the same made-up song every morning, give her some warm milk and walk the dog. Then I'll head to our little studio in Tribeca where my days are a mix of meetings, emails and planning for new products and upcoming events. I always make time for a physical practice but to be honest some days it's just a few poses and rounds of pranayama which counts in my books. My husband makes dinner almost every night (bless) and our evenings are either very chill (Great British Baking Show anyone?) or very busy (i.e. teaching at Sky Ting, giving a lecture or leading a ritual) — I'm still trying to find that middle ground. 


What can we expect next from 3rd Ritual?

We have SO MANY incredible tools in development, I cannot wait to share 'em with the world!! We also have an incredible line up of workshops and events coming up. I highly recommend signing up for our newsletter to stay in the loop. 


Can you share with us what some of your self-care rituals include?

Building a business, even a mindful one, doesn't come without its challenges so most of my self-care practices at present are geared towards dissolving the stress that comes from burning the candle at both ends. I practice where I teach, at Sky Ting Yoga, try to meditate at least once a day, and use MOON every night before bed. But, the most important act that's for me from me is to notice. I do my best to notice all that's going well instead of that which isn't. To notice my thoughts, my breath, and my great good fortune. To notice the suffering in others and the kindness and compassion that arises when we lean into connection vs separateness and abundance vs scarcity. 


What are your top picks from CAP?

1. Shameless plug but I wouldn't be a good founder if I didn't say the BEL by 3rd Ritual!
2. Dr. Singha's Mustard Bath. Such a classic way to self-soothe especially when you have a cold. 
3. The Bioactive Face Masque by Lesse. Clearly I have a thing for activated charcoal. 

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