My Universe: Abbe Findley


Meet Abbe Findley, herbalist and artist behind Zizia. Her studies and apprenticeships have led her to the streets to share the power of herbs with many. Take a peek into her world and find out what inspires her, has her thinking and dreaming about and what it's like to be an herbalist on the move. Let the power of plants fill you (and your universe!) up. 


Jeans Gap

T-shirt Jen Shear’s Toad Tee

Heels Maryam Nassir Zadeh

Flats FitFlop slides

Boots Unif 

Sunglasses Karen Walker

Watch Never

Day bag Everybody World Big Cotton Tote

Jewelry Mondo Mondo Ex-Libris gold hoops, one diamond stud from my Grandma, gold wrist band, three rings

Workout wear Girlfriend Collective

Designers Eckhaus Latta, Come Tees, Everybody.World, J. Hannah

Lingerie or underwear Hanes 

Where do you shop Second hand stores with an occasional Nordstrom Rack pant/shoe hunt

Shopping mecca The Shop, Chinatown L.A.

Online shopping site Maimoun, Ebay, gazing at the shoe sections on major department store sites

Suit Jen Shear for Nu Swim  



What’s your sign Leo

Workout(s) Running/Weight Lifting

Sport(s) Used to play many, now I go to Gold’s Gym

Yoga studio/teacher Namaste Highland Park

Do you meditate No

Experts in your corner (herbalists, doctors, registered nurses, naturopaths) 7Song, Benjamin Zappin & Dr. Ingrid Bauer of Five Flavors Herbs, Lorna Mauney-Brodek, Josie Mattson, Laura Roehrick, Jill Stansbury, Paul Bergner, Patti Haebe

Morning rituals Drink a big glass of water, simple skincare routine, Ritual vitamins, take herbs (right now I’m taking a tincture I made for myself to support my cycle/moods), coffee with whole milk, water the plants

Evening rituals Hot bath with epsom salts and a glass of chilled Sauvignon blanc

Tea or tonic drink Matcha & Zizia Powders (currently jamming on the Burdock Dandelion Liver Powder)

Wellness idol Erica Chidi Cohen

Diet you follow I eat it all but am mostly vegetarian

Guilty pleasure Flamin’ Hot Cheetos w/ a Modelo tallboy

Toothpaste Tom’s 

Soap Dr. Bronner’s Rose 

Lip color YSL Rouge Pur Couture 13 & 19, gold packaging doubles as an application mirror but it’s def. not the cleanest, yet I’m still holding on just like the pigment does when I wear it 

Perfume or Cologne Mondo Mondo Doll

Who cuts your hair Geneva Jacuzzi

Shampoo Griffin Remedy 

Favorite beauty product Lipstick



Where do you live? Highland Park, Los Angeles

Artist Paul Thek

Piece of art in your home Painting by Sojourner Truth Parsons called Drink Water

Museum Museum of Jurassic Technology

Pets None, but I’m a cat person

Sheets Sky blue cotton

Local restaurant Parsnip, Las Cazuelas, Via-Mar, Joy

Best cup of coffee in your town Collage Coffee

Pottery Priscilla Bieberly

Favorite piece of furniture The bed

Furniture store or designer Skye Chamberlain

Minimalist or maximalist Maximalist

Hotel Camping

Dream dinner party guests Nora Ephron, Agnes Varda, Juliette de Baïracli Levy

Go-to dinner party recipe Slaw with sesame, green onions and cilantro

Most used kitchen gadget Blender

Favorite snack Dried mango and roasted salted almonds with sparkling water

Favorite drink Wine

What do you collect Plants and video footage

What’s always in your fridge Whole milk, salad greens, capers, butter, red cabbage

Favorite bookstore? The Illiad 

Where do you grocery shop? I grab the staples from a mix of places depending on my mood, budget and cravings: Sprouts, Trader Joe's, Super King, Super A, Atwater Village Farmers' Market



Who or what inspires you  Intense creatively driven people, art, plants and everyday life

Favorite discovery the Brand Library in Glendale

Favorite quote “We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” Joan Didion

Fashion idol All the women I’ve met in L.A. 

Crush Al Pacino

Beach Point Dume, Malibu

Favorite charity Herbalista Health Network

Favorite color Orange

Favorite place in the world Anywhere with a view, good company, food and beverages

Favorite movies 3 Women, The Gleaners & I, Thelma & Louise

Favorite albums Suicide, Brian Eno, Here Come the Warm Jets, Funkadelic, Cosmic Slop

Nightstand reading Studs Terkel, Working

Photography or coffee table book Hippie Modernism

Necessary indulgence Korean spa, acrylic nails

Who would you want to be for a day I’d be interested in slipping into a male body to see what reality is like from there

What’s your inner age 5 and 80

Song in your head at the moment Mariah Carey, Forever

Dancing or karaoke Dancing while singing Abba, Take A Chance on Me



Apps 7 Minute Workout, Duolingo, Wikipedia, Clue

Phone iPhone 6s

Phone case Hikawa Studio, Geta in Sky 

Blogs At the and copywriting blogs

Go-to website YouTube (docs, interviews, lectures, music)

Podcasts Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, Freakonomics, The Daily, Akimbo, How I Built This

Laptop or desktop Little of both

Computer bag I toss the laptop in my day bag

Favorite gadget Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

What is your favorite instagram? iambardib, mcdazzler, victorevasecret

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