Behind Closed Doors: Patrick Kelly


You may remember Patrick, the founder of Sigil, as one of our first CAP Crushes, he certainly became the crush of many after his takeover. Now he’s sharing all that's inside his medicine cabinet, and you'll want to know what's behind his closed doors (look at that skin!). With a deep commitment to ingredients, sourcing, formulators and aesthetics, he consistently inspires. Read on to find out his routine and what he uses on the daily. Clearly this crush isn't going away.

What is your skincare philosophy? 

My philosophy is intuitive. Over time I’ve learned to read when my skin is in need of more hydrating, moisture, smoothing, soothing. Keeping an array of cleanser types is essential, so I can alternate based on needs between milk or cream cleansers, scrubs, balms. I do think it’s important to stick to treatment steps with some regularity to receive the benefits put forth in a brand’s formulary and clinical claims. So I switch out cleanser, toner, and moisture frequently (sometimes even daily), but usually use the same serum step for at least a month continuously.

What was your introduction to clean beauty? 

I worked at an Aveda shop during college, which was a huge impetus to learning more about natural ingredients.


What products do you use when you want to feel a lil extra luxe? 

The In Fiore Calendula Oil is so supple. It has heaps of Neroli, which to me smells about as luxe as you can get. I’ll slather than on at night when I’m feeling extra dry or just want to feel like a queen. It doubles as a body serum/oil, so it’s worth the price.


If you could only keep one of these products what would it be? 

No, don’t do that to me. I guess I’d have to say moisturizer is the most important step. Especially as I’ve gotten older and dryer, I could never skimp on this step. Right now I am digging Noto’s Moisture Riser. It’s truly a toss-up between them. Don’t make me choose. Can we play heads/tails to decide?


What do you love about Monastery and NOTO?

Monastery combines Athena’s esthetic expertise (skin) and a high-aesthete touch. Minimalist, luxe packaging and scrumptious formulas are weightless. NOTO is doing for skin what we aim to do for perfume: queer-owned, inclusive, and beautiful. Gloria is also my favorite Scorpio. Happy birthday, angel.

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