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Fans of the cult hit wonder, Active Botanical Serum, have waited long and hard for the next great thing, for a product of its equal—in luxury, in efficacy, in breathtaking beauty—to emerge from Vintner’s Daughter. But, you see, the brand’s founder, our dear friend April, held tight. She would not release another product until it was, frankly, perfect. And so we waited. Until now.

How does the Active Treatment Essence compare to the Active Botanical Serum? Would you say that each cater to a specific skin type? Or are they meant to pair together?

I created Active Treatment Essence as the perfect complement to Active Botanical Serum. They should be used together because your skin needs complete nutrition to be its very best. In nature, nutrients are either oil soluble or water soluble. Active Botanical Serum delivers optimal oil soluble nutrition and Active Treatment Essence delivers optimal water soluble nutrition. Equally as important as nutrition are hydration and moisture to your skin’s health. Active Botanical Serum delivers multi active moisture while Active Treatment Essence delivers multi level hydration. Together, they complete one another and are suitable for all skin.

Can you please give us a benefit breakdown of the Active Treatment Essence? What’s in it and how does it work?

Active Treatment Essence has been in research and development for 4 years and is unlike anything you have ever tried. It is the ultimate multi corrective hydration step and also delivers optimal nutrition, micro exfoliation, brightening, refining and incredible lifting and firming. Just like with Active Botanical Serum, at the heart of Active Treatment Essence is our Phyto Radiance Infusion. It is made from 13 of the world’s most nutrient rich whole botanicals, like dandelion, alfalfa, moringa, astragalus, helichrysum and 7 more of the world’s most nutrient dense and exalted botanicals. Each of these begins as a whole plant and is brought through our three week long Phyto Radiance Infusion to capture the full spectrum of their incredible nutrition. After the infusion, a two week long fermentation begins to amplify the nutritional capacity of our formula so that your skin can recognize and put to work the 70+ nutrients in our formula more efficiently. Elevating the formula even further are advancements in natural science including stabilized vitamin C, micro and mini hyaluronic acid, pre and probiotics, plant stem cells, marine microalgae and micro exfoliating acids and enzymes. Together, these elements create a matrix on the skin to deliver powerful hydration, optimal nutrition and daily repair and protection for your skin. Below is a snapshot at some of Active Treatment Essence’s powerhouse ingredients and their main functions:

Natural, stabilized vitamin C, licorice, acerola, helichrysum, dandelion, green tea to brighten

Mini/micro hyaluronic acid, coconut, soy, apple to hydrate

Papaya, pineapple, lactic acid, and phytic acid to renew

Microalgae, moringa, alfalfa, chlorella, mullein, microalgae, tuberose to nourish

Pre/probiotics, plant stem cells, marjoram leaf, fermented nutrients to strengthen

Aloe, marshmallow, oat, gotu kola, niacinamide to calm

Four o'clock flower, Kakadu plum, Mexican poppy, moringa, nettle to firm

Astragalus, fermented nutrients, pre/probiotics, 70+ nutrients to balance

How did this new product come to be? What was the initial inspiration?

Active Treatment Essence is the yin to Active Botanical Serum’s yang and is the product I had to make. I was inspired by nutrition and how it can feed the skin at the most profound and foundational levels. I think this is how you create lasting and transformative change.

Vintner’s Daughter has a reputation of being a “single product wonder brand”. Have you always had the intention to expand the product line? What were your most important criteria in deciding what to launch as a follow-up?

Yes, we always had the intention but never felt any sort of rush to push out a new product until it met our extremely high standards of quality, performance and safety. Every product we launch must be category defining and offer universally effective, powerful solutions for all complexions. We are committed to only make transformational products and that takes the time it takes. We lovingly call it “the speed of quality.” It is something I know well from my background in winemaking. We never take shortcuts in anything we do, whether it be ingredient sourcing, formulations or new product introductions. That is our most important criteria.

Can you please share the process that goes into sourcing your botanicals? Please do share if there are any special details that go into the making of this product?

Uniquely, we begin with whole plants sourced from conscious growers around the world. They are amongst the most nutrient dense botanicals in the world and have been revered since ancient times for their transformative, healing properties. Our time honored formulation methods that occur over the course of weeks versus industry standard hours, ensure that the full spectrum of these incredible plants’ nutrition is captured and delivered to the skin with every drop. Our formulas are able to speak the skin’s language because they are made from the same nutritive structures. As a result, Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum are able to amplify the skin’s own powers of healing, regeneration and balance to create real and lasting change.

Any suggestions as to how to best use the product?

This is a fun little trick. Apply a couple drops on the back of only one of your hands. Rub it in. At first, you will feel a cooling action which is the fermentation component pushing the hydration and nutrients deep into the skin. As it dries, the hydration matrix will form which is there to maintain hydration in the skin and also to attract additional hydration from the air. Your skin will feel plump and bouncy. What also happens and really you can only believe it when you see it first hand is that the back of your hand immediately becomes more clear, brighter and redness free. It is like you have applied the sheerest of radiance filters on your skin. It will be hard to stop staring at and petting the back of your hand for the next couple hours.

Of course, when applied to the face, the results are even more remarkable. Apply a nickel to quarter size amount of Active Treatment Essence to clean face using your hands. We do not recommend a cotton pad as too much is wasted and every drop of Essence is worth its weight in gold. Follow with Active Botanical Serum. In these two simple, yet powerful steps, your skin is receiving everything it needs to be its most balanced, healthy and radiant. The combination is incredibly powerful and time saving without compromising one bit of performance. In fact, we believe you will have even better results with less.

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