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Designer and stylist Agnes Baddoo observes her surroundings by investigating our ever-changing environment and the interactions of people through fashion. Inspired by simple forms with function and an interest in genuine craft and techniques, Agnes Baddoo creates leather goods that are well made and classic in both Los Angeles, California and New York City, New York.


Jeans Vintage Levis 501 or 517, old APC, Bliss and Mischief

T-shirt My own collection of vintage Agnes B T's, Calder Blake, Me & Arrow Linen T’s

Heels  Vintage YSL, Martiniano Sandals, or Castener Wedge Espadrilles, on that super rare occasion

Flats Beatrice Valenzuela Sandalias, Babouche from Marikoko, K Jacques, flat Espadrilles, Feit Hand Sewn Low

Boots Margelia, Isabel Marant

Sunglasses Rayban Aviator or Illesteva Sterling Ll Champagne or Olive, Selima Angel Olive

Watch Hermes Cape Cod or Heures in Silver

Day bag Agness Baddoo Belt Sac with Sac 2 in Natural

Jewelry Ursa Major By Kate Jones, Mara Carrizo Scalize, Hermes, Kathryn Bentley

Workout wear The Guru Jagat Jedi Jumpsuit

Designers Rachel Craven, Beatrice Valenzuela, Pietsie Campbell, Milena Silvano, Jesse Kamm, Doen, Black Crane, Marshmallow, Odile Jacobs

Lingerie or underwear Pansy Co

Where do you shop Twice a year at the Echo Park Craft Fair. Marikoko, Midland, Mohawk General Store, Bazar

Shopping mecca Moukie Mou. I nearly lost my mind (and wallet) in there!

Suit Beatrice Valenzuela Poeta and Pachucos Combo


What’s your sign Aries, Libra moon, Libra rising.

Workout(s) Kundalini, walking

Yoga studio/teacher Tej Kaur Khalsa, 9 Treasures Yoga, Rama Institute Venice + NYC

Do you meditate Yes

Meditation teacher, venue or app classes from all my favorite teachers for when I can’t make it in person.

Experts in your corner Tej Kaur Khalsa, Lucy Postolov, Fenya Hecopian, Jennifer Otto, Heather Mccall, Anna Zahn, Mariko Mckittrick, Carrie Maloney, Wendy Polish, Shaheen Plunier, Amanda Chantal Bacon-Rogrove, Faith Childs-Davis 

Morning rituals Warm water with lemon, Chloroxygen, SuperYou. 3 - 11 minutes meditation

Evening rituals Warm water with lemon, African Basil Fleur de L'eau candle before bed

Tea or tonic drink Fresh ginger tea or tonic or occasional coffee concoctions using an assortment from my Moon Juice and Sun Potion pantry.

Sun Potion: Pine Pollen, Matcha, Mucuna Pruriens, Anandamide, Yin Power

Moon Juice: Vanilla Mushroom Adaptogenic Protein, Tocos, Cordyceps, Maca

Wellness idol Jack Lalanne! The jumpsuit! The simplicity! The joy!

Diet you follow Plant based, mostly organic. Everything else in moderation.

Guilty pleasures I keep them at bay by keeping them situational. Memory foods like Trefoil Girl Scout cookies, Mister Softee vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles, Cape Cod chips.

Toothpaste Living Libations Dental Kit, Vaidya Mishra fennel toothpaste (down to my last drop, may now be discontinued), Davids toothpaste

Soap Orez Lifestyle Shampoo and Body Bar, with the beechwood travel box! So chic and practical.

Lip color Orez Lifestyle Rose Clay Lip and Cheek, NOTO Multibenne Tint Stick

Eye Jillian Dempsey Kohl Eyeliner, W3LL PEOPLE Mascara

Perfume or cologne My own essential oil blends, Bless by Leahlani, Santa Maria Novella Aromatic Waters in soave and neroli

Who cuts your hair Not cut but seasonal deep conditioning treatments from Gwen Staples

Shampoo Sweet Sister Geranium Shampoo, Orez Lifestyle Shampoo and Body Bar

Favorite beauty products: Moon Juice SuperYou, Moon Juice Beauty Shroom Exfoliating Potion and Serum, NOTO Botanics Resurface Scrub, Tata Harper everything, especially Clarifying Cleanser, Earth tu Face, Wilder Botanics Day Oil, Shiva Rose Glow Face Balm and Pearl Rose Face Cream, Dr Janine Mahon Rejuvenating Breast Oil


Where do you live?  Fairfax High and Erewhon in LA + Upper West Side in NYC. To me, they are very similar, like sister neighborhoods: diverse, old school, historic, residential and cultural, pedestrian, enough greens and parks, scenic and gritty, neighborly.

Artist Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, Noah Davis, Brian Lotti, Cassi a Namoda

Piece of art in your home Flea market find painting of the PCH. Carved elephant side tables.

Museum The Underground Museum, The Studio Museum of Harlem

Sheets Matteo

Local restaurant Do Moon Juice, Beverly Hills Juice Bar and Erewhon count? Woodspoon in Downtown LA.

Best cup of coffee in your town Coffee is a special treat, an uncommon occurence, and Canyon gourmet -cardamama latte is perfection

China Eric Darrow, Glidden

Pottery Eric Darrow, Rebecca Miles, Amanda Moffit, Mt Washington Pottery

Favorite piece of furniture Vintage wood camp cots

Furniture store or designer County, Ltd., Nickey Kehoe, Pop-Up Home, Merchant Modern

Minimalist or maximalist Maximalist

Dream dinner party guests My friends

Go-to dinner party recipe Moroccan inspired chickpea veggie tagine over couscous with dried cherries

Most used kitchen gadget Magic Bullet, lemon press

Favorite snack Moon Juice Walnuts and the Rainbow Crisps

Favorite drink Hibiscus/mint/ginger tea, with or without Madre mezcal

What do you collect Textiles, baskets, wood bowls and plates, ceramics, select fashion and interior magazines

What’s always in your fridge Lemons


Who or what inspires you My peeps

Favorite quote "Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.” - Yogi Bhajan. As a designer, the first concept is an eternal challenge and aspiration.

Fashion idol Joani Johnson, Danielle King, Mara Brock

Sports hero Mohammed Ali, Colin Kaepernick, Bjorn Borg

Beach Treasure, Broad, Escondido, Rockaway

Favorite charity Environmental Working Group

Favorite color To wear? If not white, navy. If not navy, sagey-mossy-grayish green. Sometimes the hottest pink. Or orange. Lemon yellow too. Grass green. Why favorite? I couldn't.

Favorite place in the world Wherever I am, most of the time.

Favorite movies Black Orpheus

Favorite albums Funky Kingston by Toots & The Maytals, Life of Contradiction by Joe Higgs, Haile I Hymns by Ijahman Levi, Rokia Traore

Photography or coffee table book  Ever Young by James Barnour, A Collaboration with Nature by Andy Goldsworthy, Young Blood by Noah Davis, Love is the Message by Arthur Jafa, Contact High, Riding through Compton by Melodie Mcdaniel

Necessary indulgence Cabana Magazine

What’s your inner age 26

Song in your head at the moment As, Stevie wonder

Dancing or karaoke Dancing


Phone iPhone

Phone case Until I make one, Roberu

Blogs Keep it Chic

Go-to website Ra Ma TV, To Be Magnetic

Podcasts Expanded, The Breakdown, Small Doses, You Must Remember This, Questlove Supreme, Cocaine & Rhinestones

Laptop or desktop MacBook Pro

Tablet iPad

Computer bag Agnes Baddoo Foldover Clutch or Large Clutch or a folio I made in collaboration with Paper Chase Press

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