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We first fell in love with Sophia Roe when we spotted her in one of Violette's videos. Charming and full of feel good energy, we couldn't get enough of her distinctive take on healthy eating and bubbly Instagram videos. Read on for a look inside this plant based chef's fridge.

Sometimes living and working in NYC can make cooking dinner for yourself seem like the last thing on the planet you’d like to come home and tackle. I’d say the biggest help in coming home and actually cooking dinner (even though, "omg SEAMLESS THOUGH”) would be having fresh ingredients at my disposal. My partner and I try to scoop up produce a few times a week on the way home from work. One big haul sounds nice, but shlepping all of that home in one trip isn’t typically a reality. But that’s the magical part. Because it means that everything is super fresh, and the pressure is on to cook everyday so that nothing goes to waste.

My house is an Oatly house for sure! My favorite thing in the world is an Earl Grey tea with Oatly. There are constant cases of Oatly in my refrigerator. It's so good with cereal, chia pudding or used in a pancake batter. My stomach is sensitive to nuts, so oat milk is a must. I also love making soups and a quick stir fry throughout the week so my refrigerator would be lost without coconut aminos and various types of miso. Right now, I am really digging garbanzo bean miso. It’s super fragrant and makes for such a nice flavor/ Plus it's soy free, yay!

I also keep my probiotics and marine photo plankton in my refrigerator. I mix a teaspoon of the Ascended Health Marine Photoplankton in water a few times a day. In my opinion, it’s the definition of a superfood. I almost instantly get hit with a kick of energy when I take it. I also have my Milk Makeup Cooling Water front and center, because I don’t have time for puffy morning eyes, it’s packed with caffeine so my eyes love that instant pick me up.

I also store my sprouted almonds, pine nuts, chia seeds, etc. in the refrigerator. Right now, I love chopping up pine nuts or sprouted almonds and throwing them on top of gluten free pastas which makes for a quick dinner, and even more yummy leftover for lunch the next day! I don’t personally eat eggs, but my partner loves an egg on toast a few days a week. There’s also always cilantro in my house. It’s easily my favorite herb in the world! I could eat a cilantro salad to be honest. I’m one of those weirdos who actually loves kale, so you’ll never not see it in my refrigerator.

I’ve also always got a huge bottle of aloe vera gel at my disposal. It’s incredible for digestion, detoxification and muscle and joint function, among other things. It’s a great addition to a smoothie, but I am super guilty of drinking it straight from the bottle as well. You’ll also see some Romeo carrots in the very front. They’re super tiny, but so sweet! If you ever see any at the grocery store or market, be sure to grab a bunch and roast them! They’re sweeter than sweet potatoes!

Almost my entire bottom shelf is film! My partner is a photographer, and when he is on assignment or has just done a big job, the refrigerator overflows with film!

Not Pictured: Most of my produce! I really don’t like refrigerating it. Refrigerators are a great way to make food last longer, but I find that refrigerators can really take the flavor out of produce. I don’t ever refrigerate citrus, tomatoes, garlic, apples, peppers, corn or avocado, so you’ll find HUGE bowls of produce laid out on my kitchen island.

Also, all of my condiments! I’ve got tons of vinegars, spices and dry rubs in my cupboard. I can’t forget the tons of flavored oils, capers, different mustards, hot sauces, maple syrup and nut butters stored in my door shelf!

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  • Is so great to see dairy and gluten free lifestlYles becoming more popular! People are sometimes skeptical at first, but it really does make a differnce in skin clarity and digestive health!
    Tasha juli

    Tasha Juli

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