French makeup artist Violette is a wellness girl at heart. When not creating works of art for fashion magazines and filming looks for her YouTube channel, Violette is at home making potions and tonics to keep her in peak condition for her fast paced life. We jumped at the chance to shoot Violette at her Brooklyn home, and even got her to spill her secrets on beauty, both inside and out.

As a makeup artist, so much of what you do is focused on beauty. What are your favorite practices to ensure beauty on the inside as well as the outside?

Food is my main thing, it’s how I treat myself well. I eat macrobiotic, gluten free, dairy free, eat no processed foods, no artificial sugars, and focus on eating alkaline food as much as possible. Of course, I am not a saint, and I do love wine and pasta, so occasionally I go for it. I will not call it breaking the rules as I hate rules. If my diet turns into a rule then forget it. I never punish myself. I focus on really enjoying the pleasure of eating those foods. Most of the time I take pleasure in eating healthy, but again, of course not 100% of the time. It’s all about balance.

I don’t smoke, and I hate coffee. I drink rosemary tea, which cleanses the liver, and a healthy liver means a beautiful complexion. I am also a fan of turmeric and black pepper when paired together, and fish oil to improve my skin and hair (when my belly is healthy, my skin and hair are happy!).

Also, I truly believe happiness is your main beauty tool. That’s why some women eat whatever they want, and look amazing, because they are listening to their body, they are in harmony.

At CAP, we live by the phrase “beauty is wellness and wellness is beauty”. What does that mean to you?

Ah bah oui, I couldn’t agree more!!!


What is your biggest inspiration when it comes to your work?

Color and light. I guess you could say I have a thing for these elements. That’s why I am so obsessed with metallic textures and glitter. I LOVE when light reflects on color. It makes it explode! It’s so much more alive! I truly find makeup therapeutic. I’m also inspired by art, flowers, a woman on the street, a piece of fabric, everything inspires me. My senses are always alive. It’s kind of intense. I am very sensitive to everything: colors, smell, vibes. For example, it’s hard to stay in a hotel that I am not in harmony with. I need to be surrounded by stuff that inspires me.

Another thing that is very important to me is honesty and realness. I launched my youtube channel for women that don’t relate to these tutorials where you have to apply 38 products and do it in what looks like a professional studio with artificial lighting. I do my makeup in the car in 5 minutes with 3 products. Since I launched, I’ve talked to so many woman that totally feel this way and were desperate for beauty tips they can relate to. That makes me SO happy, and I love all these women! Their excitement and questions and interaction make me so happy. That’s what I love about social media, what an amazing platform for people to come together on.

Travel is probably such a big part of your career. While on the road, what do you do to keep yourself feeling your best?

Oh yes, I travel all the time. What a lucky job! But it’s hard to stay grounded when you travel so much. I have my little balms and oils to balance my energy from In Fiore, as well as my jewelry that I never leave behind. They are my lucky charms. There are of course some beauty products I can’t live without: my renewal oil from La Mer and the soft lotion.  I am now also in love with the skin elixir I discovered at CAP after a facial I did there, and I kind of have to travel with it!!


Favorite places to travel?

Tokyo! I’m obsessed with the delicacy, refinement, fun, and spirituality of the culture.


What would you say is your signature beauty look?

My matte red lipstick + glowing skin! I’ve been in love with dark red rose petal textures and colors for a long time, and have been creating my own lipsticks at home to wear it. I like to keep the rest of the face raw to balance it out. Makeup to me is a way to express and feel, never a way to hide or change. So if I do a big statement lip like this, I will keep the rest of the face very “honest”.

What are some things we can always find in your fridge?

Coconut Butter from CAP Beauty, ghee, lemons, avocados and raspberries.


Could you share your morning routine?

Yes! The first thing I do in the morning is clean my tongue, my teeth and then I mix my “holi green” herb powder from Stéphane Jaulin in water and I drink this before eating anything. It’s cleansing and alkaline. Then I drink a skin elixir by Sun Potion after breakfast.


What is your philosophy on food?

Food is like sex, medicine and/or therapy. When it’s really good, it can be like all of this at the same time. For example at 15 East Sushi last night I stay at the bar and had an omakase menu, and I still remember the feeling of this meal.  It was…. Oh la la.

Is health and wellness something you have always been drawn to, or has it become a new interest for you?

I was born with a weakness in my stomach that made me extra sensitive to food.  Gluten is very bad for me, or anything acidic. So I had no choice but to be super aware of what I eat. I met so many food gurus in France and learned from them the true magic of food. I usually cure myself with food now.

Also my dad died of cancer, and when he was sick I studied a lot of the benefits of food. I tried to help him feel better and stronger, as the treatment was so tough. Through this sad experience, I learned how food can be magical for us. Mother nature sets things up very wonderfully, we just need to open ourselves to all she has to offer, and respect it.


What are you favorite ingestible products for beauty?

Sun Potion, fish oil and turmeric + black pepper pills that I take every morning. I also love apple cider! And I am always with my rosemary tea.

Can you share anyone from your little black book of health and wellness? Who are your go-to practitioners?

Yes! Stephane Jaulin in Paris for cleanses, foods, etc…

Melanie Herring for spiritual facials.

CAP Beauty for facials and buy all my beauty products and superfoods.

Evolve health + Wellness for Chinese medicine. I go to them for my skin, body, beauty – they’re the best. I love seeing Nini or Jen for wellness.


Favorite restaurants in New York?

15 East 

The Musket Room 

Sel Rose for the oysters and wine! 


Sauvage for brunch 


If you only had 5 minutes and needed a pick me up, what is your favorite quick fix to have you feeling your best?

Red lipstick, mascara and my perfume. For lips I go for Sephora lipstain #1, mascara from Urban Decay, and my amber solid perfume from In Fiore

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