Behind Closed Doors: Amalie Reedtz-Thott

Amalie’s life is a testament to the transformative power of the mind body connection. Having spent years as a psychiatric nurse she’s seen firsthand the effects that stress can have on the body and mind and set out to create a range of supplements to support us through the ebb and flow of life. With her background in nursing and a deep commitment to breathwork, meditation and yoga, she’s the poster child for incorporating intention, movement, inquiry and consistency into all the moments of our lives. Thank you, Amalie.

What is your skincare philosophy? 

Organic, natural and active ingredients. I love to incorporate tools such as a scalp massager, gua sha and dry brushes. I want to feel a difference when using and applying my products. My skincare routine changes through the seasons. In the summer it's light and glossy, in the winter I focus on layering and protection. I can never get too many body oils or balms. I need one for each mood. 

How do you start your day?

I get out of bed and take a hot shower with peppermint oil to wake up. I then dry brush my entire body with the Karmameju Ionic Body Brush and follow that up with a nourishing body oil. This gives me a mind and body connection everyday. Next I get my daughter dressed. 

The first thing I consume in the morning is a big glass of lukewarm water on an empty stomach as the absorption will be faster. According to Ayurveda if you regularly take lukewarm water, especially in the morning, it can heal your body, providing digestive power and the flushing out toxins. And it can also help fight inflammation. 

What is your skincare routine?


  • Clean My face in the shower with a cleansing balm and towel - 2-3 times a week with Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator 
  • Mist: Josh Rosebrook 
  • Serum: Karmameju Firm
  • Cream facial moisturizer: Karmameju Cashmere Age-Defence Face Cream. On the frosty cold days I add 2 drops of face oil.
  • I Gua Sha to get blood circulation and wake up my face and give it a glow.
  • RMS concealer 
  • Balm on lips, eyelids and brows 
  • RMS rouge on cheeks
  • Finish up with the NOTO body oil on neck, arms and in hair ends. Smells heavenly. 



  • Clean my face with a face wash and hot towel 
  • 3 times a week I put on my Light therapy mask with Led light to reduce inflammation. This light therapy mask have been a real lifesaver! 
  • 2 times a week I use manuka honey from Activist manuka as a mask, it’s anti-inflammatory and a little peeling. Leaves my face smooth. 
  • Finish up with the Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum  and am ready for a good night's sleep. 

Tell us about Nurture Vitaviva and how it came to be. 

Going through stress has changed my life. Being a nurse, with several years of experience in psychiatric nursing, I am convinced that the mind and body are inextricably connected, and that we need to work holistically to heal. It was important for me to support my healing process with the right nutrients. What was missing in my process was the complete package of supplements that contained what I needed: a potent blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs. That is why I created Nurture. I decided to reach out to my favorite vitamin brand  Vitaviva as they have 20 years of knowledge and expertise in the field and together we created Nurture Vitaviva. Nurture Vitaviva is the complete package made for people who want an effective dietary supplement that maintains the body's natural balance when experiencing stress in their daily lives. My hope is that people will become more aware and take stress symptoms seriously and when seeing this product, reflect and think “ Am I feeling stresses right know and can I do something better for myself?”. I would love for people to look inwards and reflect. If Nurture Vitaviva can do just a little to help cultivate more mind and body connection, I would be extremely happy. 

What other practices do you have that support you feeling your best?

Meditation and breathwork. I meditate every day to connect with myself and acknowledge my feelings in that moment. Breathwork has really been an eye-opener for me. I attended a yoga retreat on Ibiza last year and leaned about Kapalabhati breathing. The technique gives me energy and makes me breathe better throughout the day. 

For me feeling my best is about acknowledging myself and what I am capable of that day.


Do you have a favorite ritual?

I have a black tea with oat milk and honey every morning, and when I am lucky I will drink it in the morning sun with my best friend who happens to be my neighbor. 


What is your favorite way to unwind after a long day?

Long hot showers with essential oils like pine, lavender, sage, rose. A good body scrub and then wrapping myself in my fleece robe with a mask on. I love journaling in my bed in the evening and a good TV-series like True Detective or Mare of Easttown. 

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