Behind Closed Doors: Graeme Smith


We’re holding on to the magic and bounty of summer with Graeme Smith’s fridge. Graeme is a holistic chef who studied at both the Natural Gourmet Institute and the Omega institute in Rhinebeck, NY. Inspired by seasonally sourced produce from the Hudson Valley, he creates food that’s not only nourishing, but healing. He knows firsthand the transformative effects of a whole food lifestyle. Here’s a peek into his bountiful, beautiful fridge.


My wife and I look forward to the summer all year.  Between traveling, spending weekends at the ocean and work, it’s tremendously rewarding and exhausting at the same time.  I try to stock the fridge with the bounty of the season. We really feel that when we eat this way it not only tastes better, but also puts us in harmony with the environment.  In my opinion, there is no finer treat than a local ripe nectarine!

Top Shelf:

This is where we keep fresh fruit, vegetables and snacks like chia pudding with fruit. Today we have cilantro, corn, citrus, okra, mung bean sprouts, fish sauce, nectarines and peaches.  All lend themselves to nutritious summer snacks, quick end of day dinners and beach picnics.

Second Shelf:

Homemade cardamom cold brew is a summer staple.  A bottle of my favorite white wine, Jacquere from Abymes in the French Alps, is perfect for everything from oysters to beach picnics.  One can never be without a good Italian sparkling water like Lurisia for those really hot days.  Mung dal kitchari is a staple meal in our summer routine.  Loaded with cumin, cilantro, lime and tons of steamed veggies, it’s great for balancing summer heat.  Adzuki beans and rice with umeboshi vinaigrette finds its way to the beach a lot.  We keep cashews, oats and pumpkin seeds around for fresh dairy free milks. Korean rice cakes, or Dduk, make a great quick meal with fresh mung bean sprouts, kimchi and gochujang too.

Bottom shelf:

The bottom shelf finds proteins, fermentables and seasonings that help bring summer meals together.  Eggs are the ultimate breakfast food on the go.  Burgers on the grill are one of the finer things of summer (always grass fed and local).  I love waffles, so I’ve been developing the perfect waffle recipe that I’d like to share with you all.  Make a big batch and keep them in the freezer for quick nutritious breakfasts all summer (and fall!) long.

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