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We’ve long been obsessed with beauty and design junkie Kristin Noel Crawley. When she came out with her own all natural line of lip masks, we immediately wanted in. Her intensely hydrating (and perfectly packaged!) masks blend moisturizing Rose Flower Oil, Cherry Extract and Vitamin E for a gorgeous pout from the outside in. They’re transformational to say the least. We met up with this supermom turned beauty powerhouse at her California home to talk all things beauty, and how motherhood changed her approach to health and wellness.


Tell us about yourself and what you do. I have a small beauty company that specializes in sheet masks for your lips. It’s called KNC BEAUTY and it’s so much fun! I’m also a mom of two and a super beauty junkie!

Why all natural lip masks? Where did your inspiration come from? I’ve always had a problem with dry, chapped lips. I grew up in the Midwest where the winters were really bad and that would just aggravate them. I saw lip masks in Tokyo a few years ago but they were full of chemicals! I wanted something natural (after all, it’s going on your lips) so I just created it.

What has been your proudest moment when it comes to KNC Beauty? Every time someone tells me that they love my product! It makes me so happy to hear that.

What are your beauty rituals and daily practices? Oh man! I do so much. I HAVE to wash my face every night. It’s a must for me. I can’t sleep with a dirty face. I have a very intense night time routine which is usually 10 to 12 steps. And I like to do it at least an hour before bed so that I’m sure the product is soaking into my skin and not the pillow case.

Speaking of pillowcases, I always use a silk one.

I take a skin vitamin from Dr. Barbara Sturm daily.

In the morning I only rinse my face, not wash. And I always use SPF 50.

Can you give us a rundown of a day in your life? I’m up at 6 with the children, getting them ready for school. Once they’re off I start working. I like to take care of my emails first. I love to have a tea or warm water with lemon in the morning.  After I’ve finished my emails I look at my to do list and try to check some things off of that list. I have to make lists or I’ll forget everything, I just have too much going on.

After work I usually try to relax before my kids are done with school. I pick them up at 3 then it’s time for homework, dinner and play. Bedtime is my favorite because it’s an intimate time to spend with my kids and once they’re asleep I get to hang with my husband. We watch shows and talk about our days.

Did becoming a mother change your approach to health and wellness at all? Of course. I started researching and learned about how everything I ate, drank and put on my skin affected my unborn child. I would say that becoming a mother essentially saved my life because I certainly wasn’t as health conscious as I am now.

How do you stay grounded? Spending time with my family always helps to remind me what’s really important in life.

What do you love most about living in California? By far the weather. California is so diverse as well. One hour east is big bear and one hour west is the beach!

Where are some of your favorite LA destinations? CAP Beauty of course! I also love Kreation and Beverly Hills Juice. Santa Maria Novella and Opening Ceremony are also favorites of mine. And can’t forget about SUGARFISH!

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