Behind Closed Doors: Fran Miller


Fran Miller believes that a "less but better" approach is the key to healthy skin and we couldn't agree more. With a philosophy that extends beyond her medicine cabinet, her skincare routine relies on beautifully sourced food, thoughtful movement, healthy drinks and a bit of dancing sprinkled in. Her practices encourage her best self therefore leading to her healthiest and most vibrant skin. A beautiful side effect of a life lived well.

What is your skincare philosophy? 

Simple, pure and intuitive. I have always subscribed to a 'less but better' approach to skincare and find that my skin looks its healthiest when I gently support and nourish it with it high quality, healing ingredients rather than overloading it with harsh products and treatments. I look at everything holistically as well; what I'm eating, drinking, and how I'm moving my body are a large part of the equation.

What is your day to day skincare routine? 

AM: I spray the F. Miller Toning Mist or Zizia's Cleansing Toner on a cotton round to remove any excess sebum. I have a mushroom-shaped jade tool that I run under ice cold water and massage around my eyes to awaken and depuff. I then apply a Vitamin C serum and let that absorb while I brush my teeth. I layer the Toning Mist into a few drops of F. Miller Face Oil which I press and massage in further with a flat gua sha for a few minutes. I pat in the Eye Oil all around the orbital bone and sometimes on my lips, followed by a final spritz of Toning Mist. If I'm heading outdoors, I'll apply SPF as my last step.

PM: I try to start my evening routine early to avoid late night laziness and allow for a longer facial massage or a mask. I begin with the F. Miller Cleansing Oil for a hydrating cleanse, using our waffle washcloth if I'm wearing makeup and need a deeper steam. I'll incorporate a gentle exfoliant (which we're currently testing formulas for!) 1-2 times a week. I do a mask once a week with Activist Manuka or the Heart of Gold Red Tara Illuminating mask. I then follow with the Toning Mist, Face Oil, and more Toning Mist. I've also started incorporating gentle retinol serums every other night and love the ones from Klur and Marie Veronique + Kristina Holey. I finish with the Eye Oil and a generous layer of Lip Balm.

What does Beauty is Wellness mean to you?

I've always found beauty and wellness to be intertwined. I feel most beautiful when I feel vibrant, full of energy, balanced, and happy. 'Beauty is Wellness' is being receptive to the needs of my body and mind, taking steps to support, nurture, and rest when I can, and recognizing my privilege to be able to do so. 

What is your go to when your skin is feeling less than stellar?

A purifying, restorative mask followed by layers of hydration. Lots of water, herbal tea and a hot bath and a steam. More vegetables and fermented foods. 

What other practices do you have that support you feeling your best? 

Long walks with my partner and our dog. Dancing, pilates and restorative yoga. I love cooking, experimenting with new ingredients and recipes, eating in general brings me immense joy. Traveling and being in the sunshine. Taking time to disconnect from the digital world and dive deeper into art, books and nature. 

What do you wish more people knew about skincare and clean beauty?

How transformative whole botanical ingredients, ancient traditions and authentic plant medicine can be. That while everything is a balance, these ingredients are just as complex and powerful, if not superior, to their synthetic counterparts. 

Also that labels of 'clean' and 'natural' have become muddled within a growing, saturated industry. It has never been more important for consumers to do the research, ask questions and choose to support companies who value and are committed to standards of transparency, social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

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