Recharge Ionic Body Brush with Handle

Negative ions have long been known to have beneficial effects on our body and mind. And this Recharge Ionic Body Brush, made with sustainably sourced beechwood, horse bristles and copper wire, forms negative ions directly on the skin through natural friction, helping to fight free radicals, detoxify the blood and reduce inflammation. Similar to Karmameju’s Recharge Ionic Body Brush, but with a longer, curved handle for better flexibility and access, this version was designed to make it easier to reach your back and feet. We love the soft yet firm bristles that, when lightly stroked over our skin, improves firmness and elasticity, reduces cellulite, increases blood circulation and stimulates lymphatic movement. Founded in Copenhagen in 1999, Karmameju creates products that better align our mind, body and skin with nature's infinite wisdom. Maximize your experience and results when you make the switch and welcome the power of negative ions into your routine.
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Do not get your RECHARGE body brush damp or wet. Use on dry skin before showering or bathing. Begin with light, gentle brush strokes and adapt to match the sensitivity of your skin. Commencing with the palms of your hands or the soles of your feet, brush inwards from the outermost points of your body, working rhythmically in long, straight, smooth and gentle strokes towards the heart.