Rainbow Chakra Mat


Healthyline’s multi-gemstone mats support our greatest health and wellbeing. The chakra mat is a constellation of seven gemstones that encourage the ultimate recharge as well as a pulsed electromagnetic field system that releases a frequency to remove electrical interference that could potentially disrupt your chakras. The introduction of negative ion, far-infrared, and PEMF technologies tune us back into our body’s natural biorhythms and encourage a deep connection to mind, body and spirit. This is the axis of science and energetics at its most potent. Bathe in the ambient alchemy of light. 40lb.

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74″ x 28″ x 1.2″


Use remote to adjust time, temperature, PEMF and photon settings. Lie back and rejuvenate.


Amethyst, sodalite, blue lace agate, green aventurine, yellow aventurine, carnelian, and red jasper.

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