Higher Being Tonic

Loco Love

Higher being marries rich Peruvian cacao with healing herbs, medicinal mushrooms, grounding roots and adaptogens for a grown up hot chocolate that soothes and nourishes. Ginseng can be helpful with indigestion and fatigue while Reishi has been known to support your immune system. And Ashwagandha relieves stress. All the benefits with all the deliciousness. Loco Love creates cacao-based offerings made from the finest, purest ingredients to supercharge our health. Drink Higher Being daily to feel your most vibrant. 180g / 15 servings

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Dissolve 2 tsp in your preferred hot milk or add to smoothies and baking.


Ganoderma lucidum ext. dry conc. 300mg, Equiv. Ganoderma lucidum (Reiishi mushroom) fruiting body dry 6g, Withania somnifera ext. dry conc. 150mg Equiv. Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) root dry 3g, Cocoa powder 7.2g, Theobroma cacao (cacao) seed powder 2.4g, Equiv. Caffeine 4.8mg Siraitia grosvenori ext. dry conc. 12mg, Equiv. Siraitia grosvenori fruit dry 960mg, Panax quinquefolius (Ginseng) root ext. dry conc. 50.04 mg, Equiv. Panax quinquefolius root dry 500mg Excipent ingredients: carob pod powder, glycine.