Facial Ice Roller in YK Blue

Quiet Hours

Reduce puffiness, calm redness and tighten skin with The Facial Ice Roller from Quiet Hours. Designed with a soft matte plastic handle, stainless steel roller and silicone protective cover, this sleek, sturdy and substantial Ice Roller glides easily over contours of the face to offer our complexion a cooling reset. A secret tool used by many facialists and makeup artists, “skin icing,” or the practice of rolling ice over the surface of our skin has been seen to reduce inflammation, redness, acne and undereye circles while promoting increased firmness, circulation and a lifted, sculpted appearance. Plain ice cubes are too intense for this purpose and can actually damage our skin barrier, which is why we recommend a stainless steel applicator like this one. Quiet Hours creates thoughtful, simple and well-crafted tools, in both form and function, to elevate the sacred time we dedicate to ourselves. Use The Facial Ice Roller as part of your morning ritual to energize and refresh. And keep it in your freezer to instantly calm a breakout or soothe a sunburn. Cool down daily. 10oz.

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Place the roller with its protective cover in the freezer for at least 15 minutes before use. Cleanse your face and apply your skincare routine. Remove the cover and roll in upward motions along the forehead, cheeks, and jawline. Clean roller after each use.


Soft matte plastic handle, stainless steel roller, silicone protective cover.