Dimes Peppermill in Blue


Meet colorful Peppermills from our friends at Dimes. Inspired by artist Andre Cadere’s notorious wooden sticks, the Semi-D Peppermill, is a nod to vibrance, simplicity and form. Made from turned solid wood, individually hand-painted and finished in a high gloss lacquer, these playful Peppermills marry functionality and art, elevating both our space and cooking and dining experiences. The Blue Peppermill combines stacked wooden wheels in blue, white and black, offering up a hit of color and vibrance, sparking conversations and ideas in the kitchen and beyond. An extension of the much-loved Lower East Side restaurant and market, Dimes, Semi-D, an abbreviation of the architectural term “semi-detached" and Dimes spelled backwards, is an exploration of various mediums beyond food. Season your food with playful tools. 12oz.

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wood, paint, lacquer and stainless steel