At CAP Beauty we live by the philosophy that “Beauty is Wellness. Wellness is Beauty” and we exist to share the products, practices and knowledge that create true radiance. We stock over 150 brands of products that are always 100% natural and teeming with nutrition and life force. At CAP Beauty the power of plants are at work to create change, both outside and in. Step inside our world and embrace the shift. High Vibrational Beauty starts here.


We emphatically embrace the transformational powers of pure plant ingredients, the minerals and gifts from the hive that abound in the natural products that grace our shelves. These ingredients heal, they fortify, protect us and return our cells to a state of youthful vibrancy. We’ve seen it firsthand, naturals work. Let in Mother Nature and let in the light. Your most luminous self starts here.


We opened our West Village store and spa on Valentine’s Day 2015. Our founders, Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima Morisse, created the company to spread the power of naturals to as many people as possible. Naturals are the modern choice and deserve a modern home, an inspiring space where information reigns and style abounds. The floors are lined with rose quartz, the tonics are flowing, secrets are swapped and the vibe is always high. Our clubhouse is open to all, so step inside.

The Founders

Friends for almost 20 years Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima Morisse share a love for wellness and an even deeper love for refined and inspired living. Kerrilynn’s first business, the boutique, Castor & Pollux, was a much-loved fixture in the West Village. In 2010 she introduced her customers to a small selection of naturals and watched the interest and love for this category grow. She herself became enthralled and was amazed there was no single destination where she could shop for the newest and most exciting natural brands. She decided at that point that New York City (and the world!) needed a store committed to natural beauty. Kerrilynn partnered with her longtime friend and collaborator, the photo stylist Cindy DiPrima Morisse, a perfect match as they had bonded for so long over their interest in healthful living. Known for her intelligent and elevated approach to style, Cindy has contributed to Harper’s Bazaar, Domino, and Town & Country among other publications and ad campaigns. As two style-obsessed friends, they dreamed of building a store that was as inspiring as it was pure in its mission. Welcome to CAP Beauty.