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Amity Spiegel - Esthetician Esthetician

Amity Spiegel

A healer at heart, Amity was raised in the hippie wilds of Western Mass surrounded by strong women and progressive ideas. She started getting facials as a teen when she struggled with breakouts. And, after a move to New York and a brief stint in publishing, it was a calling for self care that drew her back to the treatment room, this time as a facialist. With over a decade of experience, she relishes the chance to help others heal. Her hands are magic. When she isn’t at CAP, you’ll find her listening to Sonic Youth, following fashion, watching a film or day tripping with her son.

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Katie Mason - Esthetician Esthetician

Katie Mason

Salt of the earth, lover of soul, Katie is in her element in treatment, grounded, calming and sure. Hailing from the midwest but calling this city her home for almost 20 years, she brings both years of experience and freshness of vision. As an athlete, she understands the importance of building a team. Together we are more than the sum of our parts. As a die hard lover of music and film, she understands the importance of improv and artistry. We are here to expand and create together. Let her be your coach. Let her be your maestro. Victory and healing await.

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Crystal Greene - Esthetician Esthetician

Crystal Greene

Elegant, cool and curious, Crystal’s presence is her gift. She listens, she learns, she leads. With a solid and calming touch she guides her clients to serenity. And to soothed and ravishing skin. With a deep thirst for learning, Crystal always looks to uplevel her practice by expanding her knowledge. She conquers her subjects then goes back for more. Higher learning, higher power to heal. Let her lead you. All the way to your deepest beauty.

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Rachelle Robinett - Herbalist Herbalist

Rachelle Robinett

Rachelle is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Herbalist and Founder of Supernatural, a company dedicated to plant-based real-world wellness. Rachelle combines natural medicine with practical habit-building to help people find balanced, lasting vitality. A student of Shamanism as well, Rachelle has studied the relationship between plants and people and guides us to seek health through a deep connection to nature, the Source of life. The plant kingdom is ripe with medicine. Embrace its healing, embrace its life force and let Rachelle be your leader.

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