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Matcha bowls, known as Chawans, were traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies for proper matcha preparation and pleasure. Our version, this stunning, nature inspired matcha bowl created in collaboration with ceramist and artist, Jordan McDonald, invites us into ultimate matcha enjoyment at home. The sophisticated cylindrical shape of the ceramic bowl was designed to function in tandem with our matcha whisk for a perfectly blended tea and proper bubble formation. An opportunity for heightened presence, the act of drinking tea from this bowl allows for better appreciate of our matcha, engaging with its subtle aromas, tasting its grassy, sweet flavors and feeling the warmth of the tea between our hands. The abstract flower and leaf drawings are in reference to simplicity, nature and peace, integral components of a traditional matcha tea ceremony. While we recommend you use this bowl as it was intended, it can also be a beautiful vessel for other purposes: coffee, soup or even to place small objects in. Uplevel your morning matcha with this sophisticated and elegant limited-edition ceramic tea bowl. 12oz.


Please note: Each bowl is hand painted, so please account for slight variations, although the color and pattern will remain the same.