Scalp Stimulator


The Scalp Stimulator, by Lanshin, was designed specifically to increase blood and qi (energy flow) to the scalp, promoting healthier and more nourished hair. Hand-crafted from top grade Xiu Yan Jade, this low-tech, high-touch tool stimulates multiple acupressure points along the head which encourage hair to grow longer and thicker while also reducing scalp conditions such as dandruff and eczema. Use in the shower for a luxurious head massage or with your favorite hair oil or mask to help work in product evenly all over. Beyond the immense benefits to our head and hair, the Scalp Stimulator has also been seen to promote a more lifted and well-rested complexion. Sandra Lanshin Chiu, the founder of Lanshin, has spent 20+ year advocating and pioneering Traditional Chinese dermatology and creates high-quality tools that speak to the whole body for our highest expression of health, balance and beauty. Awaken your scalp and see benefits beyond your hair. 2oz.

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Stroke, tap and move in circular motions on your scalp. See a full tutorial from Sandra, the founder of Lanshin, here.


Xiuyan Jade.

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