Biomat Mini


Compact and extremely portable with technology based on Nobel prize-winning research, the Biomat Mini offers healing benefits in a smaller more convenient size. Unlike traditional heating methods that only target surface muscles, the Biomat Mini uses a combination of heat and amethyst to drive far infrared rays and negative ions deep into our cells and tissues, relieving muscle pain, joint inflammation and stiffness, making way for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. Negative ions, those negatively charged molecules abundant in nature, work on our mental state as well, promoting feelings of peace and calm, counteracting the stress of modern living and keeping headaches, fatigue and irritability at bay. Biomat is passionate about sharing the most advanced holistic technologies to support our highest healing. Welcome in the transformational power of crystals, far infrared rays and negative ions. Uplevel the way you feel. 8lb.

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17” x 33”


Please consult your Biomat manual.