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Anima Mundi - Fat Belly - Supplement - CAP Beauty
Fat Belly
Anima Mundi
Boost metabolism and detox with herbs.
Regular price $27
Anima Mundi - Collagen Booster - Dirty - Rose - Chai - Supplement - CAP Beauty
Collagen Booster Dirty Rose Chai
Anima Mundi
Boost collagen with the power of adaptogens, herbs and spices.
Regular price $37
Anima Mundi - Happiness - Herbal - Coffee - Front View
Happiness Powder
Anima Mundi
Herbal coffee to support a balanced mood and gut.
Regular price $25
Anima Mundi - Butterfly Pea Flower - Supplement - CAP Beauty
Butterfly Pea Flower
Anima Mundi
Harmonize and balance your nervous system.
Regular price $35
Anima Mundi - Belly Love - Supplement - CAP Beauty - Front View
Belly Love
Anima Mundi
De-bloat and detox.
Regular price $31
Anima Mundi - Ashwagandha - Supplement - CAP Beauty - Front View
Anima Mundi
De-stress with the queen of adaptogens.
Regular price $30
Anima Mundi - Blue Lotus - Supplement - Tea - CAP Beauty - Front View
Blue Lotus
Anima Mundi
Heighten your inner awareness with "the flower of enlightenment."
Regular price $28
Anima Mundi - Reishi - Supplement - CAP Beauty
Anima Mundi
The mushroom of immortality.
Regular price $42