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CAP Beauty - The Coconut Butter - CAP Beauty
The Coconut Butter
CAP Beauty
Stone ground, raw, organic coconut for smoothies, tea and tonics.
Regular price $32
CAP Beauty - Matcha Stick Box - Organic - Ceremonial Grade
The Matcha Stick Box
CAP Beauty
Organic, ceremonial grade matcha for travel.
Regular price $36
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CAP Beauty - Serotoner - Natural Skincare Toner - Mist - Front View
CAP Beauty
Mist your way to happier and calmer looking skin.
Regular price $58
CAP Beauty - Shino Takeda - Ceramic Spoon - Front View
The Shino Spoon
CAP Beauty + Shino Takeda
Colorful and playful one-of-a-kind ceramic spoons.
Regular price $36