The Replacement Filter


At CAP, we’ve first-hand seen the benefits of showering with Jolie Filtered Showerheads to support our healthiest skin and hair. And in order to keep Jolie working optimally, it’s important to replace the filter every 90 days for the purest, cleanest and most nourishing shower experience. Independently third-party tested to ensure the removal of harsh chemicals and compounds like chlorine and heavy metals, the Jolie Replacement Filter slides easily into the neck of your Jolie Showerhead to encourage youthful looking skin and strong, healthy hair. We love that it takes less than 20 seconds to install and includes a tiny cotton sponge to remove any accumulated buildup. Whatever your shower ritual, incorporate Jolie to maintain your skin’s precious oils and protect its delicate microbiome. Make Jolie the first step in your holistic skincare routine.

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Instructions for installation in the box.